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Thailand - Hua Hin (Santorini Park and Camel Republic)

5/8/2015 - Thailand - Hua Hin Day 2 (Part 2)

We continued our journey to Santorini Park which is Thailand's version of Greece Santorini.
Apparently the place was divided into dry and wet land. We opted for the dry land instead.

Entrance Fee - 50THB 

Santorini Park is a nice place for photo shoot.
Here are some of our pictures taken there.

Flying cats!

Unique architecture. There's a mist coming out from the 'boobs' and 'ass'. Kinda cute tho.

Everything is just so lovely.
If only the weather wasn't hot, I will most probably camwhore every corner of the place.

Pee Yin & Mei Liang banyak pattern during the entire trip.

Ferris Wheel.

Group Photo.

We spent about 2 hours in Santorini.

We were pretty lucky to receive free complimentary tickets to Camel Republic after purchasing tickets to Santorini.

Earlier on, we've decided not to stop by Camel Republic. However, since there's free tickets, why not?
Santorini Park to Camel Republic is only about 3 minutes away.

Free Tickets.

Welcome to Camel Republic.

Actual entrance fee for adults (non-resident/foreigner) is 200 Baht per person

See what did I told you about them. Banyak pattern.

Click the link below for more information on Camel Republic.

This place is actually more like a theme park kind.
There are various rides for adults.
Some rides cost 120 baht per person while there are some that cost 240 baht per person.

Mark and I decided to ride Eagle Zipline which cost 240 baht per person.

Eagle Zipline.

Besides having all those extreme rides, there are quite a number of animals for you to play with.

Andy wanted to feed the Alpaca.
You just need to spend about 50 Baht (if I'm not mistaken) for a packet of sliced carrots.

Meet the greedy and aggressive white Alpaca.

Feeding the poor and helpless brown Alpaca.

When Andy wanted to feed the Brown Alpaca, the White Alpaca ran towards Andy to bite the carrot instead.

Andy was running here and there to avoid that greedy Alpaca.

Focus at Andy's face. 
Andy : Go away you... Don't steal my carrot!!
Alpaca: Me want carrotttsss!!

We tried to be brave just to have a selfie shot with the Alpaca. She/He wanted to eat my phone and hair ler! How scary is that. She/He then attempted to eat Mark's shirt. hahahahahaha!

Snow White's Stepmother.

Next was bird feeding session!


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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Thailand - Hua Hin (Swiss Sheep Farm)

5/8/2015 - Thailand / Hua Hin Day 2

We started our journey to Hua Hin around 8.15am from LemonTea Hotel.

Beverages from Seven Eleven.

Our ride which fits 6 people.

We had a 2 days 1 night trip to Hua Hin.
Our transportation charges for that 2D1N was 6500baht which includes petrol (gas), toll fee, parking, driver, food and hotel for the driver.

If you are travelling in a group above 6 pax (8-10 pax) then maybe you can try whereby they charge 9300baht for 2D1N (Bangkok-Hua Hin).

Our driver to Hua Hin was Mr. Sittichai. He is a very humble and friendly person. The only problem is that he can't really speak proper English. However, it makes our conversation more interesting because we were guessing what was he trying to say and ended up laughing all the time. So cute lor!
Bak pepatah macam itik dengan ayam bercakap.

If you hire Mr. Komsan, he can converse very well in English. He is a friend of Mr. Sittichai, therefore the pricing rate is the same.

Mr. Ja is the one who drove us to Asiatique.

The distance from central of Bangkok to Hua Hin is roughly about 160km / 2 hours 30 minutes.
What do you expect us to do in that two hours ride?
Ambil gambar macam perempuan gila la of course! HAHA.

Can't even have a proper selfie -______-
These girls kept photobombing me. 

Our first stop was the SWISS SHEEP FARM


Girl Friends.

The weather seems like very cloudy in the photo right?
Truth to be told, the actual weather was scorching hot. Can kena skin cancer sia if everyday like this.

Entrance Fee :-
120Baht for adults and 80Baht for kids below 120cm.

A cute little sheep wandering around looking for grass. Mad cute!

Little sheep was too busy eating, couldn't be bother to camwhore. 


More pictures ahead.

We spent about an hour in Swiss Sheep Farm.
For those who are really into photography, I think an hour is not sufficient at all.
I wanted to take more pictures but due to the weather, I felt lazy standing under the sun.

Lots of heart shapes!


With my partner in crime, best friend, and gossip buddy.

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