Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Birthday. Cakes. Selfie. Repeat.


You can now chill at Todd's (first floor) whereby the ambiance is more suitable for people who doesn't drink liquor. They serve cakes, coffee, juices and carbonated drinks.

 Trying out the popular little doggy filter/function in Snapchat.


Inside Scoop, The Daily Fix, Seoul Garden, Toast n' Toast

The boyfie came down for a super short visit and we spent most of the time eating.
Food hunting was not fun without you :(

Jalan-jalan cari lemak

Brunch at Toast n' Toast.

Super early dinner at Seoul Garden.

 Dessert at Inside Scoop - Salted Egg Yolk Waffle with Ice Creams!

 First time stepping in to The Daily Fix which is located in the heart of Melaka - Jonker Walk.

 Drinks Menu

 While waiting for our food.

Our breakfast which cost RM100 over. 
Menu consisted of Sandwich, Pancakes and Smoked Duck Aglio E Olio.


 Craving for street food while blogging this right now.
All these from Jonker.

Ashley and I decided to chill around Jonker one fine Friday.
Although we were both dead tired from work, but hey it's friday and friday means party time! So we decided to pamper ourselves by gaining happy fats - eating!

While eating, two young ladies joined our table due to the insufficient vacant space.
We had a great chat and they were from China. Amazingly, they were not as loud, rude and gelojoh as the most commonly seen ones. So I asked them whether is it true that their people are mostly loud and rude and kiasu? They told me those are normally the 'kampung' type. Ahhh now I get it.

I should change my perception towards them.

 These girls are soft spoken on the contrary.


Cakes, cakes, cakes!

There's this one period where everyone around you are having their birthday celebration and you were force to eat cake almost every freaking day.

However I felt so happy eating cake, ignoring the fact that I'm gaining extra kilos.
Cake is life. Cake is oxygen. Cake is my everything!

 When your cake cost more expensive than your lunch set meal. Dafuq?!

My everyday lunch date. 

 Celebrating brother's birthday at Secret Recipe.

 Please grow mature. Lol

Another birthday celebration in the office.


 Happy Birthday Ms Lee.

Another birthday party celebration for Andrew at Todd's.

 Happy Birthday! 
I wish that you'll be more punctual as you get older.
Time is money.


Reunion with my lovely cousins.
How I wish we can do this every year.

Eat. Shop. Selfie. Repeat.

Ohana means family.


I love the newly open Starbucks located at Kota Laksamana.
They have drive through, bigger space and most importantly nearer to my house.

 Andrew the lucky boy

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Meet my super chubby cousin. Welcome the new member for the Tay family.
Isn't he such a cutie pie. Tembam betul.

Continuing my Singapore trip with more food and desserts!

So I was told that llaollao (pronounced as yao-yao) is the new hit 'thing' in Singapore.
This frozen yogurt brand was founded in Spain.
Trust me, the texture of the yogurt ice cream is really damn delicious!
I just couldn't stop myself from eating.

Good news is that this yao-yao franchise has landed in Malaysia especially in the capital city. Another good news is that Melaka might have a franchise too!
Rumor has it that their first branch in Melaka would be in Aeon Jusco Bandaraya Melaka.

I prefer white chocolate as the sauce. Super nyummeh!

Met up with my old pals. It has been ages since the last time we hang out. 
Both of them are doing well working in Singapore now.

Drinking session at Jurong East Mall (JEM)

Holiday seems to end faster whenever you are enjoying every single bit of it.

I can't wait for my next trip which is coming real soon. All geared and pumped up!

Finally I had a nice date with my favorite twins.

Went for Korean food that weekend.

The next foodie station was O'ma Spoon.
Went there to have their Mango Cheesecake Bingsu.

Mango Cheesecake Bingsu for the price of 20SGD.
*gulps* that makes it RM60 for a bowl of Bingsu.

Fish eye effect 

Besides makan-makan, I managed to do some shopping.
Overall the short vacation was awesome.
Spent the entire week in Singapore and yet I still didn't have the time to visit USS.
Hopefully, I'll make it for my next trip.

The variety of fruits that my Aunt fed us everyday. So blessed!

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