Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clap your hands

Was taking a break from my revision.
Went to check my digicam and realized that I missed out several pictures. Shall post them now.
Basically this was on Thursday. Right after International Law paper, we went to KFC for lunch. The day before which was on Wednesday, we went to McD. The same bunch of people which consist of Nicole, Mirul, Mark, Danny, Stanley, Kin Ming and I.

McD was full with MMU students that day. Craziness.
Owh and we did something special. Danny took at least 20 packets of creamer and dumped them into my big converse bag.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA the god damn cctv camera was just above us okay. WTF!!!
And now i got at least 2 weeks supply of creamer for my milo. hahahahahhaha.

As for Thursday, Jeff joined us for lunch as well. We seriously had a great chat. Those guys are seriously a bunch of crazy jokers. Damn nice to hang out with :)

The Red Team

ps: take extra notice at the other member wearing red shirt behind mark. hahha that is mark's girlfriend :D He likes it BIG. According to him. That's healthy. hahahahahahaha.

And amazingly each and every one of us wore a matching color of shirt. By the way I looked kinda scruffy that day. Who the hell has time to dress nicely la for exam? I only had 3hours of sleep that day itself, trying so hard to read 11 chapters which are basically I have no freaking idea wtf i am reading also.

Hence the ugly side of me o.O

 The White Team

 The Black Team


The Cincai Team :D

Oh yea, by the way I no longer use my sleeky sexy irresistible nokia N72 phone.
Which means, no more peeping on the phone mirror :(

My new phone.
Yeah, it's just an old model phone. Not an iPhone nor a BB phone. I am just poor like that and plus i prefer normal functions phone instead of those complicated ones (hahaha saja je say like that since no money, kalau ada duit.. ceh terus beli punya.. hahahahahaha)

Oh well. Should stop now and resume back to my revision.
Nerdy mode ON.


Friday, September 24, 2010


So I'm down with 3 papers and 2 more to go. By far this is the worst semester ever (for exams only la). As for my activities this semester, it was fantastic. I seriously love my friends :)

Last Friday, my sweethearts came back to Melaka and same goes to the love of my life (my new boyfriend)

So that day itself, without studying for the upcoming paper which was on tuesday (now i regret to the max), I've decided to slack with the sweethearts :D

An opening picture for this post shall be my retarded act. I know damn cute right! wtf!

Attempting to lick my nose. Trying to measure my tongue to see how long it is. hahahahaha. Good for french kissing no? LOL


I seriously miss you girls T___________________________T

We took pretty little pictures that day. About 50 shots only? Okay maybe more O.O but still, it doesn't fulfill my expectations. Whenever I'm with my girls, I need at least 100 shots and above to make myself feel more secure? hahaha wtf!

And now let me introduce you to my new boyfriend <3
I am no longer single. Thank You.

See he grabbed my hair because he can't leave me :P
Awww so sweet of you. I love you too :)

ps: It's not easy to see my picture with my teeth. 
This one special case just for my beloved new bf.
I still prefer my picture without showing teeth.

Then we went for a date in the car :D
Plus he's good in camwhoring too okay!

He had passed the most important qualifications in order to be my ideal boyfriend. If you suck in camwhoring then bye bye and if you are good in it but still your face looks suck, then it will be bye bye kuasa dua :)

I love you honey pie.

Okay I wanna sleep.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let The Music Feel You

This is going to be one hell of a long post alright due to my absence in the blogging world for quite some time.

Classes ended last week and Raya is just around the corner. I bet most of us are in the holiday mood instead of struggling doing revision. Last Tuesday, I was pretty bored at home doing nothing. Supposed to went out with friends but later on most of them decided to FFK me. booo!!

Felt rather down. I hate being FFK-ed. So if you decided to FFK me in the future make sure you come up with a damn good valid reasons or else I am so gonna curse you until I'm satisfied. pffft!

Since I'm bored, I dragged my loyal slave along to chill with me :)
So we went down town with the initial aim of eating Nadeje cake but once we got there I felt lazy.
So we ended up slacking in Starbucks.

That night, Mahkota was fulled with teenagers o.O
Arghhhh!!! Why no lengzai one??

We had this cheese cake which cost RM8.80 per piece.

hahaha he looks so budak :)

We sat there for like an hour and then we headed back home since we've got nothing better else to do. Study better lah!!


The next day which was on Wednesday (8/9/2010) I drove all the way down to Ixora just to meet up with Nicole and be her forced labour again. Before that we drove down to Jusco to deliver our customer's clothes. Then we headed to McD for lunch :)

Inspired by Topshop. RM 34

Sailor Jacket comes in white and black in color. RM 38

For more info just click HERE

We took gazillions of self shots and most of it turned out to be super gorgeous. HAHAHA as if! That day was just not our day.

Got back home in the evening and I wonder whether I did any revision that night. Hmmmm I don't think so o.O



The next day I woke up pretty early :P around 10.45am haha. That's early okay.
Plan to do my revision kao kao on Thursday (Raya Eve) so must act like a good girl. People masak lemang and rendang and chop lembu, I should concentrate on revision. Bloody hell, who knows after 15minutes which was at 11am, I received a message from my beloved friend Sher Lyn, asking me to hang out with her and 2 of her Ipoh friends. hahahaha without hesitation I accepted her offer. Shit! I am so hopeless T___T

We went to the New Jusco since the visitors had never been there before. Once we got there they were too lazy to walk so we slacked in this Hong Kong restaurant.

Saw the non-halal sign there? Hehehehe. They served pork. I wanna try their dishes next time.

That's Angela. Most of the pictures taken that day was with her camera. So I won't be posting much since she have not uploaded the pictures yet T________T

After we were done with our chit chatting, we headed to Jetty for karaoke session. You know how much I hate singing. Just because I think I can't sing. hahaha

 My ice blended sea coconut which is delicious :)

Singing with full of passion and energy. Just look at the face. hahaha

The time I sang, I gave my best volume but still I couldn't beat Angela's voice. Whenever we duet, my voice was no where to be heard T_______________________________T
Geeshh I didn't know I had a very soft voice. hahaha.

We sang until 5pm and off we went to Bunga Raya to look for longkang siham!!!! That's my first time there even though I'm a Malaccan. LOL. I feel so useless :(
Even people from the Sakai tribe knows better about Melaka.

hahahahaha freaking messy lor!!!

Picture with my face in it was not in my camera. Sad to say :(
Angela faster upload the photosssss!!!!! *SOBS*

While I was enjoying feasting on the LALA and SIHAM, the mosquitoes were busy feasting on my blood T_____________________________T

By the way, eating those seriously makes your hand super smelly and another thing is that, it is known as longkang siham for a very good reason okay.

First it was located near the longkang (drain)
Second you can smell the aroma of the longkang as well. O_______O ewww smelly la of course T______T
I have no idea why many tourists love to eat there. hmmmm chinese people.. tsk tsk. :P

Later on we headed to The Stadthuys for camwhoring session. As you all know my digicam has a very lousy ISO therefore any pictures taken without flash at night will turn out to be super shitty. Pictures taken with flash was plain because you can only see the face but not the background. Aih... I seriously need a DSLR or any digicam which has the equivalent functions just like a DSLR.

See I told you. It looks like a shit. Can't reduce the noise even after photoshoping it. So I just opt for the original picture since the after photoshop picture shows no biggie.

Again... most of the nice pictures was with Angela. Damn I seriously need you to upload the pictures at this very moment girl!!! *sob*

Then we headed back home around 8pm+ to take our shower and then to meet up again later at night. So once I got back home I took my shower and walla... I'm done and kickin'
Went to Sher Lyn's place since I'm sitting her car. So we drove off to Arena that night.

Got there around 11pm and both of us were starving. The only thing we ate previously was lala and siham and rojak. How to feel full la you tell me?
While waiting for the other 2 to arrive, we went to Bali Cafe which was located opposite of Arena for a light snack/dinner/whatever-it-is-called.

Arghhh lousy quality pictures. I could not stand looking at such low quality pictures. My eyesssss.... arghhh!!!!

Advertorial in the meantime

For those who really wanna get me a present even if it's not even my Birthday today, or even if its not a Valentines Day or Christmas, I know the best present you can give me on this Random Day. I want a DSLR. Any DSLR will do as long as it cost RM2000 and above :)

Had these for dinner. Seriously that's all I had for dinner besides the lala and siham. I can feel that I'm getting thinner (living in denial).

The bread sucks. I can do even better than that okay HELLO!!!
The nuggets were delicious though :)

My eyes T_______________________T from sepet to even sepet-err WTF!!! Thanks to the flash. It was so dark and the flash made me closed half of my original eyes size. And now I got a super duper small eyes.
I emo already :(

Censored for safety purposes. Please don't bleed in front of your monitor. That is super disgusting.


The only thing I drank there was plain water. lalalala~~~
I'm not a fan of Carlsberg.

We countdown Raya inside Arena and they have life band performing that night. What's my opinion about it? Well so-so la. I was busy hunting for good looking hunks but I only saw few which are above moderate standard. The rest were pure ah beng-ness. However there's many sexy girls though. They look sexy but not pretty. HAHAHAHAHA :P

Arena was seriously small. There's no space for you to even have a proper dance. All you can do is to shake your body while standing o.O
There's few aunties who were so-in-their-own-world. They dance like nobody's business and ended up they broke few bottles of beers. HAHA see la I told you, the space was damn small.

A 1.30am we drove to ALOHA. Madness.
Never club, sekali club until go 2 places.
In Aloha they had Thailand band. Wooohooooo the girls were ulala~
And the guys erm... one of them were good looking and the rest no comment.

hahahaha look at the guy. The HAIR!!!! hahahaha

This time they disallowed me from drinking sky juice. So we had Chivas instead. As a first timer (noob), I had a sipped of it without mixing anything and the taste was totally terrible, horrible and vegetable T_________T

The guy came to our table because one of them requested him to do so. Once he got here, they said I'm the one who requested him. Celaka!!!!
I damn innocent okay. wuwu

I got tired of my eyes, hence the censoring part.

He is good looking la. Just that he put too much make up -_____-
Without the flash he looks even way hawterr man!

Anyways I am here to tell you about that night incident. When we were in Aloha there's this one horny/high aunty who kept kissing and hugging the male singer (picture above with the blue color son-Goku-look-a-like hair). I think he felt disgusted cause he climbed all the way back to the stage immediately. However that aunty was seriously damn smart. After he did that, she flashed RM50 at him. Walao then he came running to her immediately man. And this time he's the one hugging her and of course she took advantage and kissed him like all over the face. OMG! Of course he gets to keep the 50 bucks. Damn lucky son of a gun.

ps: the yellow flower that was around our head cost RM10. It was from us specially to him. hehehe

The aunty has disgrace the female species T_______________________________T
I thought only man does that. hahaha

Then the next singer was quite the sissy type. I got the video here. But it was blurry. I will just post it so that you can get the rough idea of it.

Then the aunty was super hyped and high and she stormed to the stage and began molesting the poor singer. She was grabbing his 'little brother' and God knows what she did. I don't have the courage to stare any longer. Disgusting plus funny shit. I really enjoyed myself that night. It was by far my most wonderful experience in the club. hahahahaha.

Got back home at 3am and I still felt energetic. Went to bed at 4am.


Selamat Hari Raya!!!     :D

The only day where I stayed at home in the afternoon and evening trying so hard to do revision.
Thank God I managed to read something.

Later at night went to Jonker with family for dinner. Creepz!! Jonker damn packed like sardines in can. I felt so regret lor. I cant even walk. It was damn packed like no other ordinary days. Went to buy my Mango Juice which is a must every now and then if I visited Jonker. Thanks to Emily who influenced me :S

On my way back from the Mango Juice stall, there were a group of ANG MOH GUYS. OMGOMGOMG  I tell you!!! They were super damn good looking, tall, nice features and OMG good looking la!!!
I felt the whole trip there was damn worth it. No complains about the jam. I am glad that I went Jonker that night. Ahhh~~~ Heaven :P

I was still engrossed by their charms.

Second day of Raya which was on Saturday. See I told you I got plans every single freaking day. How not to study la?

However we went out at 5pm. So during the day I got some time to spare for my revisions. There were only 5 of us that day. We went to watch Resident Evil.

I never watch the previous movies so I have no freaking idea what was going on from the beginning until the end of the movie. I was like WTF is this???

Then the next day when I met up with Mark, he told me that Afterlife was season 4 movie. CEH!!! No wonder la.....

Our movie was at 6.20pm and it ends at 8pm. Then we headed to Old Newton for dinner. The place was super packed. Craziness. Why everybody have to eat outside? Cannot cook and eat at home is it? TSK!! Buat semak je. hahahaha

Chiew and his non-halal food.

One person eat until 2 plates of rice -____- please la please.... don't eat so much can or not. hehehe bleuk!

Cheong Hong with his forever same pose.

I want to eat that!! OMG!! T___________________________T
When are you going to bring me to try the one recommended by HO CHIAK?

I have a very big appetite for food nowadays. Gosh what the hell is wrong with me. Exam stress? Hmm maybe :)
Stress but still slacking. wtf?

Li Huay with her porridge. Poor girl. She was sick that night.

Mei Liang's mee hun. Too bad she disallowed me from taking her picture :(

My dinner. The taste was so-so. I don't like the ketchup sauce.

After dinner we headed to Jetty for POOL :D

I miss playing pool. Gosh.

After pool which was roughly about 11pm, then we headed to FUN FAIR in Melaka Raya. Opposite the CUBE. hahaha it was super nice :D

Chiew and me rode that thing behind us. Wow it was superb. I was shouting all the way. My stomach was so ticklish every time the thing came down. Damn scary but it was worth the price. It cost RM4 for the ride only.
Cheap right. It lasted about 3 minutes. That 3 minutes was like HELL for me. I felt like it was 3 freaking days! hahaha. I kept praying for the thing to stop immediately T_______T

Got back home at 12am+ and went to bed right after. I felt so useless (for not studying and wasting money) but I know my life is so happening right :D


Finally a day to rest and stop wasting money and start studying.
But in the afternoon I received a message from si Hantu since he just got back from isolated lala-land. So we went out for dinner that day. hehehehe

Trying to act cool. Ain't he cute? awww... stop pretending shit hole :)

pps: sorry for using foul language. Please do not read my blog if my words could cause mental disorder. Read it at your own risk.

We went to Simply Fish for dinner that night *hearts*

My mushroom soup. It was so creamy and delicious. And so fattening T.T

My Tandori Chicken Chip

Mark's Butter Cajun Chip. Crazy like that also cost RM21.90

Dinner was good :)
Stomach felt very happy but pocket not happy.
hahahaha hor Mark? :P
Then we headed to Old Town for a drink.

I had blackcurrant ice blended while the slave had longan milk.
I smell the word BROKE coming out from my purse.

The Old Town located near Pergola Hotel was seriously a nice place to hang around. The surroundings are superb.


Monday (13/9/2010)

Woke up at 10am just for the sake of going to the bank to settle some stuffs. The brilliant brother told me there's no need to put the parking ticket since it will be just for a moment. Who knows we get summon ticket. FUCK!

Went to the new Tesco for Brunch since we were starving like mad :(

We had black pepper chicken, some vegetables and mushroom soup. The soup was super spicy. It was fulled with black peppers inside. But damn sedap :D

The chickens were damn little lor. Exploited!!

After brunch we went to look for phones since both of us plan to get a new phone in the future. hahaha
Hopefully I'll get a new one next semester.

I am not going to get an iPhone or BlackBerry. Those are not my type of phone. I do admit they looked sophisticated but I am the old school type. I prefer the normal and basic phone with at least 8 mega pixel camera will do. HAHAHAHAHA :P

So that I can camwhore with my phone instead of carrying my camera. *winks*
Plus you can take lots of secret photos with phone unlike camera. It is so freaking obvious that you are taking some secret shots of others by using camera. DUH!

After that, I drove all the way to MMU just to meet with Nicole to pass her money and we did some blog shopping and we bought some make up products from this website which is super duper cheap. Will blog about it once I got the item in the future.

After that I dragged Mark to follow me all the way to MBMB to pay my summon. Thank God it was only RM5 after discount. I plan not to pay at first but according to my dad, this time around, the police will come knocking at your door and arrest you if you did not pay your parking summon tickets -______-
So desperate meh?? walao...

Went to McD to kill time after that. I guess the word kill time is not suitable in this situation because we have better things to do instead of wasting time and that is of course by doing revision!!!

We tried this new cheese powder where you shake shake shake it with the fries. haha damn nice okay. Very addictive lor. OMG i wanna eat that again T___________________T

My groovy sundae lime which is love.

haha fat :)

As for today I stayed at home whole day long trying my best to do some revision.
Good girl mah :)
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA I work 8 days a week. Damn I'm such a busy girl. Managed to read through something but basically knew nothing. Finally I'm done watching whole 5 seasons of Sailor Moon today. I felt like crying when I recall that it was the last episode. I WANT MORE!!!!!! Moon Crystal Power, Make Up~~~ hahahaha. Besides that I managed to increase 4 levels for my maple character today. Have not been playing them for more than a month already. My poor noob character. Level still damn low. hehehe. All right I know this is a bloody damn long post. I am too lazy to re-check for any grammatical mistakes. Just close one eye and read this post okay? :) Toodles.
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