Friday, April 17, 2015

You make me complete.


I've abandoned this blog for more than a month. Blame the busy schedule.
So here's a summary for the past few months.

1. Birthday celebration

Back in late February.
We did a small 'party' to celebrate Pee Yin's Birthday.
Just a simple celebration.

Nothing fancy.
Just ordinary.


The Birthday girl.

The sticky couple. Stick 24 hours. lol

Girl friends. xoxo

2. Coffeeology

A new cafe is spotted in MMU now.
Easier for the students (without transport) to hang out.

Winks and pouts.
Bimbo much? :D


Susu Segar

Look what I've found.
This susu segar legend!
I've been craving for it lately.
I used to drink it back in secondary school day.
It's hard to find this milk in the supermarkets.
You need to get it through agent with a minimum purchase.
Craving has been fully satisfied! Thumbs up.

Lunch treat at Nandos.

Va Va Vroooommm~
Meet me awesome new ride ;)

Bouea macrophylla a.k.a buah kundang

First time seeing such unique fruit.

3. Wedding

So the girlfriend is now officially known as Mrs instead of Miss.
Congrats babe.
I no longer have a shopping buddy T_____T

Wedding Dinner Hall.

Le couple

With the Bride's brother.

And her timid twin sisters.

Sexy bride.
*nose bleed non-stop*

More pretty girls photo below.
Please don't be jealous.
Have fun feasting.

Stares at Sher Lyn. Got blinded.
 Ahhhh~ Booobiiieeesss XD

Group photo.

Happily Ever After.

So this is only the first part of her wedding.
To be continue.......

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