Thursday, February 24, 2011

Longest decision ever

Finally after 2 long years considering whether to cut or not to cut my hair above shoulder length has finally come to an end.

Yeah after 2 long years, I finally had the courage to cut my hair.
I know people like Mark and Amirul were bored to death at me especially when I asked them the same old question over and over again which ended up me still not cutting it short. hahahaha.
Sorry la. Both of you have to tahan my kerenah gila.
But I managed to cut now right?

My beloved pony tail T___T

Damn long. OMG!

Bye bye long hair.
Welcome short hair.

act cute. fail

I know I'm cute :P


okay bye.

Bubble Bubble

Finally after 3 days rotting at home, I decided to shop alone.
Went to new Jusco to get myself some formal clothes. Legal attachment is just few days away.
Gotta wake up as early as 6.30am and start working at 8.30pm to 5.30pm.
Gosh. Just like schooling time.

Gonna have this new routine for the next 3 months.
I hope I can survive this.

Anyway Jusco was pretty empty. I spent my time in the bookstore. I'm trying my best to restraint myself from spending money unnecessarily. So I only bought 2 pairs of formal shirt and a belt.

Had bread and pink guava juice for dinner :(

After that I drove all the way down town to meet up with John. We played pool in Dataran Pahlawan. It's a new pool/snooker spot.

The place is superbly nice. No doubt about that. Same goes for the price. My God!

The prices range from day and time. So mine was RM19.50 an hour. We played for an hour+ and cost us RM25. Bloody hell O_O

In Jetty only RM15 per hour. The shooters (located in the isolated-scary-possible-place-kena-rape-spot) cost RM10 ONLY for 2 effing hours! But sadly they closed down that place. I love to go there ignoring the fact that it looks dangerous and can kena rape any time, any moment. But I always go there with a bunch of trusted people. hehehe. So that they can protect me :D

After pool. Went to meet with Lyn, Jr and Afiq in Old Town.
Lepak for awhile and then went back home.

Aihh gonna miss everyone ;(

Okay it's almost 4am now. I should stop now. toodles

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Pink

I felt so bored for the past few days.
Though it's just a week break but I don't seem to spend it wisely.
I've been listening to this song from the moment I woke up until the time I went back to bed.

There's like 950k viewers and I think I contributed about 50k times? HAHAHA!
That's how crazy I was. I'm listening to this song while I am typing this entry now.

Anyway most of the people I knew went for a trip to Singapore during this break. I think got more than 10 friends lor. *jealous*

Anyway I'm obsessed with fragrance nowadays. Starting from today onwards I'm going to have a collection of perfumes. Going to get new perfume every single month if possible. hahahahahaha wtf!
Okay that one a bit too much la.

I just bought myself 2 new perfumes :)
Since I don't have any good camera to take the actual picture of it, hence I'll just upload the picture which I stole from the internet.


The first version of Paris Hilton's fragrance which was released in the year 2004. It has the scent of apple and juicy peach which makes it so feminine.

Most importantly it is in pink :D

My next baby is Guess, Marciano.


I love their packaging. Of course it will be pink :P
It has to be. hahaha okay just kidding.
The smell is seducing ;)
It is not too strong and it also contains the peachy smell :)

In my personal opinion, any female fragrance that contains peach will ended up having a sweet scent which is my favorite. Even my old perfume BOUM by Jeanne Arthes is made from peach :D
Peach is love.

I'm planning to get Coco Mademoiselle Chanel, Versace Bright Crystal and Nina Ricci next :)

Sorry for the boring post. I'll stop now. Toodles.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Close to you

So yesterday was the day where we had our very last paper for this semester. I bull crap all the way. One of the question sounds like this:

What problems do acts of terrorism pose for the international law governing self-defense? Have these problems been resolved?

My answer goes like this:

September 11 incident.


My answer reflects my stupidity. nuff said. T_T

If you asked me regarding to What problems do act of shopping pose for the girls internationally? Give your solution to the act aforementioned.

Then i can give you facts for more than a booklet. hahaha :P

Hence, conclusion is that I shit on my paper. Not literally shit on it but yeah~


I had only 2 hours of sleep only. Slept at 4.30am just to read 10 bloody chapters of International Law and woke up at 7am. The only thing that I can recalled from what I read was the mother of all bombs MOAB. hahahahahaha.

The paper was a 3 hour paper. 9am-12pm. I went out at 11.10am because my brain totally froze. No point sitting in there longer staring at alien questions O_O

After paper went to sushi king for brunch with Mark and Fikry. Then we hang out until afternoon. After that I have to work until 9pm :(

After my job, i went straight back home to take my shower and headed out to Jonker to meet up with Mark, Nicole, Mirul, Kin Ming and Fikry. It was our last night to celebrate for this semester. Not gonna see them in 3 months time :(

I'm gonna miss you people *hugs*

First round.

We chilled in Geographer. They had beer while I had Mango Tango Mocktail.
Taste like water mixing with Mango -__________-
Waste my 10 bucks.

Then we went for a walk. And we stopped by a hawker stall for some supper :)

Stupid Amirul trying to spoil the photo. hahahaha!

By the time we were done with our supper, it was about 12am. Then we headed to Karabau Cafe located nearby Geographer for a second round :D

We had pineapple vodka.
The drink really nice :)
RM80 per jug O_O

I'm gonna miss u all.
Can't wait to meet you all up in 3 months time :)

For now, take a very good care.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emo kuasa dua



I was having my paper yesterday and we couldn't bring our handbags into the exam venue, so I just leave it outside the venue since every other freaking students did that too. The paper was a bitch and I was emo-ing for that. Once I got out from the exam hall, I saw my poor little handbag wide opened as if kena rape from some fucktard strangers. Then i checked my bag and my camera was gone. I seriously curse the one who stole it to die in misery. And once you are dead, may your soul live in misery as well. When you reincarnate, you'll be a fucking big fat babi hutan for 10 generations. Being killed by people and eat you up!


I've got tons to blog about but due to the lost of my camera, i eventually forgot what I want to blog about. FML and FYL as well.


Anyway finally I've visited Movida.

The place was quite cool to hang out. The environment is not bad.

There's one dude there asking me whether I'm a Chinese or Japanese girl. hahahahahahaha
I do get that kind of question quite often o.O

What an insult. I know la my eyes super small. GRRR!!!!

Anyway. Before I end my post. A farewell goodbye to my dear pinky. I know your new owner will not handle you with care and who knows he/she might just sell u off to someone else for the sake of money. No matter what. I'll always love you. Don't worry. Mummy's gonna buy a better pinky to make myself feel better. 
I love you dearest one. But it has come to an end.

The only pinky's picture I had :(

She was my 2009 Christmas present.
I will miss you Pinky and to the one that gave it to me. I miss you too :( and so sorry to lose your gift. Maybe God wants me to forget about you as well since you M.I.A like nobody's business.

Hence I'll get a new one sooner. To forget about this misery.

In order to end my post. I shall curse the fella who stole my camera once again, just to satisfy my anger.

Dear pencuri,

      I really hope you die in misery. If you were a guy, may your balls burst when the first time you take any shots from my pinky. And if you were a girl, may your vagina bleeds 24/7 and not once a month anymore. Pffft!
Thank you :)


Your sincerely,
Miss Holy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to square one

I'm down with 2 papers. 3 more to go :)
2 more killer papers coming right up :(

Last Sunday, my secondary school friends came over to my place for CNY. Sher Lyn gave me a surprise phone call around 11am++ and I just woke up around that time. I was shocked to hear that they wanted to come over. Never inform me before hand, suddenly want to appear T__________________T
The reason I was shocked cause I haven't even took my shower hahahahaha!!!

Thank God they gave me about an hour to prepare :)

So I told them that I'm so sorry for not being able to join them since I'm having my finals. BUT they still managed to drag me to visit 2 houses. hahaha good job for persuading me.

Okay I looked crappy in here O_O
Exam stress kot.


My initial plan for Monday was to study all day long but who knows I forgot that i don't have Specific Relief Act. So I have no choice but to go down to the nearest Popular to get one. Sadly all out of stock. In between, went to new Jusco sushi king for dinner with Mark.

This is so worth it. RM5 per plate for 4 pieces of Salmon around that big size. I forgot to take the picture. Only available in new Jusco Sushi King i guess.

Ended up I wasted 4 hours on Monday without studying.
Thanks to Jeremy for giving me his statute. You saved my day.

However I still can't answer my paper the next day. The question was so unexpected :(
I'm screwed :(


Like I said, the paper was screwed. So instead of thinking about that, Nicole, Mark and I went to Sushi King again for lunch. This time we went to the old Jusco. Hoping that there's the Salmon dish like we had the previous day. Mark loves it so much. Unfortunately the old Jusco Sushi King doesn't have it. hahahaha.

They have this instead. RM15+ which is not really worth it I think.

2 days of Sushi King really is making me broke :(

However right after that I had another round. Went to Station One at 2pm++

My blueberry ice cream smoothies :D
Damn nice :D

After second round, we went to DP.
Since I was having a sore throat. My partner of the day was concern about me hence he brought me to this place to drink dunno what-is-it-called-herbal-black-jelly-thingy.

It was bitter. So you need to add the honey together with the herbal jelly. Of course you can choose not to add the honey if you love the taste of eating a bitter jelly :)

Later at night, I had bird nest :)
Life is great when you are surrounded with good food.
I smell FAT

thanks :)


My paper today was 10 times better than the one I had on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get good grade for this subject.

After exam Mark, Nicole and I went to new Jusco again. Errkk Melaka is pretty boring lor. Lack of place for us to hang out. Bummer!

We went to I LOVE YOO for lunch. Had scallop porridge. Then we went window shopping. I bought a tiny tool box to keep my accessories. I was looking for the perfect one for quite sometime ago.

Need more spaces for my humble babies.

Besides that I also managed to get a new pair of shorts for a good deal :)

I love this. Used to eat this a lot when I was a little girl. However, now the price getting higher and the size getting smaller -____-
I still remembered how big and fat it was back in a decade. Right now, after you eat 5 also no feel at all O_O

Coffee Bean's cake

Floats <3

Till then.

Off to bed :)
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