Sunday, August 28, 2011


Have you ever felt like your life is incomplete?
When your life is not as interesting as others?
Where you don't own stuffs that others do?
Feeling so down and frustrated for all these unnecessarily?
Well I do sometimes.

It is so annoying to feel that way.
I hate this feeling.
I should appreciate things as what they are instead of hoping and demanding something that is impossible to achieve.
But that's humans nature.
All of us need to learn how to control such emotions and feelings.

If we get too carried away with it, we are just going to put ourselves in a deep shit.

Why am I not as pretty as her?
Why am I short?
Why she deserves such life?
Why is she rich?
Why is she so cute?

Why can't I be like her?
Why must I be the 'Me' now?
Why am I not as intelligent as her?
Why is she so hardworking and I'm not?

Why am I this?
Why am I that?
Why why why?

This thing can go on and on forever.
Am I the only one feeling that way or do any of you face the same way I did?

There's always this time of the month where I'll act pretty strange and kept thinking about stupid things.
Sometimes I couldn't even figure it out what's my own problem.
What I want
And what I'm thinking of.
No one could tell including myself.

Girls are always a very complicated creature.

But I'll be fine as time goes by.
The sad thing is that this thoughts will haunt me again in the future.
It has always been that way.
No solutions towards it.

Seriously, what is life about?
In the religious point of view, your purpose of life is to serve the one and only one God.
But it seems like most of us forgot about that.
We only aim for a high position jobs, luxurious lifestyle, entertainment, latest gossips and we forgotten about Him.

We only remembered Him when we are in difficulties.
I am not a devoted Buddhist follower.
I can barely count how many times I prayed in my lifetime.
I only pray during big occasions.

Anyway this is just one of my ranting post collection after so long.
I'll be fine.
Just like always.
Pretending that everything is okay.
Moving forward hoping for miracles which always disappoint me.
I'll be fine.
I hope I'll do fine.
I am no kiddo no more.
I'm a grown up adult.
Should act like one.

This whole blog post doesn't even make any sense to me.
What do I want again?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Take me with you

Last Friday (19th August), we decided to drive up to KL for some shopping and also to have a nice dinner.

Initial plan was to depart at 11am.
However, Mr Stanley Ting woke up at 11am +
I expect more from you!!

Before departing we stopped by the Yong Tau Foo kopitiam located nearby Bukit Beruang for breakfast.

We made our move at 12pm.
Our shopping spot was Midvalley.
Reached there almost 2pm.

Guys getting over-sexcited when they saw sexy lingerie.

Made use of Nicole and I. They asked us to enter so that they can take that golden opportunity to enter with us.

Nicole, Mark, KM, Danny and I went to Taiwan Recipe for lunch (excluding Mark cause he's on diet :P)

I had the small bowl of rice with minced chicken (or maybe pork) can't remember.
Very delicious because I was hungrier than a hungry ghost. Therefore my judgment might be a little bit bias.

After fully charging myself up. It's time for us to continue with our shopping spreeeeeee :D

hahahahahahaha!!! He's trying to show that he was muscular but FAILED!
Hush Hush baby puppy.

After 7.30pm, we went to Juice Works.

Then around 8pm we walked to Tony Roma's because we booked a table for 12 at 8.30pm.
Wanted to get an earlier one, somehow it was fully booked hence we have to wait for a little bit later.

We have to wait until 8.45pm in order to enter.
Hungry to the max!

Time to camwhore while waiting :)

Our (Mark and I) stuffs

All of us had steak that night.
I had rib eye steak. *slurps*
For steaks you can choose combos or steak.
Combo is where you can choose a mixture of chicken or beef.
It's up to personal preference.

There's 6 varieties of side dishes if i'm not mistaken.
Only selected meal comes with 2 side dishes *hmmm* I think so.
You need to check the menu for more information.
I reckon you guys to try it out at least once in a lifetime.
Though I know the price is pretty expensive. But hey, life is for us to enjoy no?
Eat to live or Live to eat.
Your choice.
For me it's Live to eat :) and and and not forgetting to SHOP!!!

And here's our food. Basically most of us had Rib Eye steak. Just that our side dishes were different.

I had Rib Eye with Corn Cob and French Fries as side dishes. I opt for medium rare rather than well done because the steak will be much more tender that way. You won't feel the taste of the blood. So no worries.
A plate of OZ Rib Eye cost RM55.90

Here's another 2 pictures of OZ Rib Eye below. Just that they had different side dishes.
Baked potato and the Broccoli vegetable.

And this is Fillet Medallions.
The smallest portion ever ._____. and it cost RM69.90

The side dishes were Rice and also Coleslaw.

You can choose 3 gourmet toppings for it.
There are 5 options for you to choose which consisted:-

1. Peppercorn sauce
2. Demi-glace
3. BBQ Onions
4. Wild Mushrooms
5. Bleu Cheese Crust

Well I have no idea which is nice so it's up to you to discover :)

Basically the waiter there will introduce you the best out of the best.
So all you need to do is just to ask the waiter's opinion.
But I couldn't guarantee you that the waiter's taste is completely good. It's up to personal preferences once again.

Ribs and Combos

You can choose either:

1. BBQ 1/4 chicken
2. Chicken Tenders
3. South Miami Fried Shrimp

Rib combo with South Miami Fried Shrimp

 Rib combo with BBQ 1/4 Chicken

Fillet Medallions combo with Bountiful Beef Ribs. RM69.90

Grilled Lamb Chop RM53.90

Oh boy this one taste like Da' Bomb yo!
Damn delicious and the meat was very tender and juicy.

Overall everything taste so damn delicious.
I am drooling while blogging right now.

Pineapple mocktail RM8.90 if I'm not mistaken

Here's some tips. Just order normal orange or pineapple juice. It cost RM8.90 as well but the catch is that, you can refill as many time as you want. So if you go in a big group. Just b a little bit cheapskate and share drinks!!
Save money on drinks.
Clever or not? hehehehehe.

But the Pineapple Mocktail is not refill-able :P
Remember. Only normal juices.
Oh yea and DO NOT ORDER LIME JUICE because it tasted like CLOROX

The total Bill was by far the most expensive meal I ever had with my friends.
After including the tax and service charge, the total bill was RM800++

Next time I wanna try the Jogoya buffet!!!
At least you pay RM100 there and you can eat as much as you want until you die.
So that should be our next destination okay peeps?

I'm quite satisfied with the one day trip.
Bought a pair of MNG jeans, a jacket from ROMP and pair of flats from Larrie.
Last but not least I also bought some moon cakes.
Fuking expensive man.
I wanted to get the Haagen Daz moon cake ice cream. But I'm afraid that it will melt on the way back to Melaka.

So i bought this instead.
I love the wooden box.
Damn CHIO gila.

3 drawers inside which contains 6 moon cakes in total.
Cost me RM124++ after using Jcard for discount.

There's green tea, oreo chocolate cheese, lotus, black pearl, and pandan i think. Not so sure. Bought it for my mum (kononnya la trying to act like a good daughter but actually bought it for the packaging only) hehehehehe


Stayed home the whole day last Saturday.
Broke like mad :(

But started going out again on Sunday :X
Went to watch Zookeeper with cute Marky :)
I rate the movie 8/10

Then went to Sushi King for dinner.

They are having promotion for this crab shell. 2 for the price of RM6 only. Originally it cost RM5 each.
So it's a very good deal :)

Then I accompanied Mark for more Raya shopping.
He bought few more clothes and we bought perfumes as well

2 bottles for RM400++

I love the bottle. Damn cute.
However the smell wasn't that strong.


Went to watch Cars 2 on Thursday (25th August)

I love the movie so much.
I rate the movie 9/10

This thing is seriously damn nice. Forgot what's it called. RM3.90 only

Bought another pair of jeans :)

After movie we headed to Pak Putra for dinner together with Stanley.

I had plain naan with tandori chicken.
Gosh I miss the tandori chicken.
The tender juicy chicken.
My God!!!
So tempting.

That's all for this post entry.
My line sucks like cow.
Super slow.

Till then

A week is like a month w/o you :(
Gonna miss staring at your nostril :(

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