Saturday, October 12, 2013

#002 My Holidays - Up and Down We Go

Currently addicted to this game - pou.
Lepaking session with old buddies in KL.

Had our dinner in aloft - a new 5 star hotel. That's what they said. I'm not sure whether it's a 5 star rated or not la but the environment is nice.

"I'm Taken" and "I'm Yours"

The food there are all above RM20 except for my sandwich that cost me RM18.

Wedding Photo Take 1
(Stanely and Chong Pei)

Wedding Photo Take 2

The super large room with a beautiful view in aloft.

Kanak-kanak riang.

Losers were punished with 'one go'. LOL

Look at the beautiful view!

I bought this perfume in order to support the disable kids. The smell is quite good and the price is very cheap too.. Visit AGift


Visited Ying-Le before she flies to UK (she's now enjoying life in UK while I'm blogging this).


Yet another visit to KL with the boyfie for a date. Finally I managed to step into Levain.

Our tea break which cost almost RM50 for these. It's pretty expensive I must say but the environment is wonderful.

When it was dinner time, we had ours in Bulgogi Brothers.
I have wanted to try their Bulgogi Brothers Special for quite sometime already. Finally my wish came true.
The beef patties are made out of a heart shape. Cute die okay!

RM81.90 for 2 peron but ended up after tax and service charges, it cost about RM100+

It comes with 6 unlimited refillable side dishes.
Eat until you die :)

It feels so nice when somebody is actually cooking for you :D
All you need to do is wait patiently for the beef to be cooked and FEAST!


I feel so loved. Thanks baby.

Acting cute pose *lalalala*


Red Velvet from Coffee Bean - not to my liking >.<

Catch up session with Cik Maryam - gossip buddies!

Bought this super 90's Fishing Game from Daiso. OMG I really miss this game so much. I used to play this a lot when I was a little girl. hahahahaha! hashtag memories.


Yet another short getaway to KL. We went up just to get the boyfie's custom hand made spectacle.
KL can be so boring especially when I did not get to shop at all!!! SOBS!

I've been craving for salmon every single freaking week.


The sweet boyfriend came over to my place just to surprise me and we played lanterns together during Mid Autumn Festival. I love the huge I LOVE YOU air-balloon shape lantern.


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