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Thailand - Krabi Town @ Ao Nang

Day 2 Part 3
Date: 14 April 2013

Ao Nang is a must visit destination whenever you're in Krabi. It is a popular beach due to its location close to Krabi and its close proximity to some other great beaches such as Tub Kaek, Railay beach and Klong Muang. There's also a wide range of hotels, resorts, guest houses and budget bungalows for you to choose from depending on your budget. We couldn't get any because the rooms that are under our budget were fully booked and the expensive ones are totally out of our league. Why spend RM1000 just for a night? Crazy or what? Kalau bapak tauke kayu balak takpe juga lah.

Ao Nang is a place where you can shop, eat and drink as much as you want.
It's a nice place to chill with your friends or family and also colleagues.

Thailand is the only place where you'll be able to find Ronald with such hand gesture. Sawadeekapppp!!

Beautiful tree.

There's a huge number of Custom Tailor in Ao Nang. I wonder why is that so. Hmmm...

There's a variety of restaurants and cafes to dine in. Unfortunately, most of it were non halal. So for the muslims out there, you have to be extra careful in searching for the halal shop.

First, we went to Aree Ba Ba and after we checked the menu out, they serve pork. I love the environment of the place but too bad it was porky zone.

Luckily we found a halal stall nearby.
Without hesitation, we've decided to eat there.

The Menu

Besides having TOM YAM GONG or anything that has to do with tomyam, another MUST TRY food when you're in Thailand should also includes PAPAYA SALAD.

The ingredients are shredded green papaya, chili, sugar, garlic, lime, fish sauce, dried shrimp, crab,  shrimp paste, tomatoes, yardlong beans, hog plums and Thai eggplant.

I found a website that actually teaches you on how to prepare it.

The taste was spectacular!

Sexy ASS!

And we had ice creams. Weee~

3 scoops of ice cream for RM22+

After all the walking and light shopping, we headed to the beach for a short break.
Shadows :)

If I'm not mistaken, Chang Bar is a place where you can see/watch/witness/enjoy a THAI SHOW. Most of them are a transvestite.

There's one 'lady' who approached me and asked me to buy their showtime ticket, 'she' was very tall indeed. About 180cm or so. Aku dah la pendek semacam, pastu dia suruh aku beli ticket sambil angkat tangan and tunjuk-tunjuk ke arah depan. To my horror, I almost died out of heart attack. Minah tu tak cukur bulu ketiak rupanya. Adoi... Dah la pakai baju tanpa lengan. *faint*

I almost laughed right in front of her okay. Tak pasal-pasal I kena bitch slap and gang rape from them .____.
Next time please shave can? It's a big turn off lor. hehehehe!

The ticket is 500 baht (RM50) for your information.
We didn't watch it because I'm too broke already.

Sakura-look-alike in Ao Nang!
 I want to go Japan so badly can!

This bread thingy is also super popular there. Can't remember what it's called.

After all the tiring walk, we headed for a massage.
Their massage is super cheap lor.

I had Thai Massage that cost 200 baht for an hour.

The moment we wanted to hitch a ride back to our hotel, it has already past midnight. Hence the transportation cost slightly more expensive. 
We rode on a tuk-tuk and the price for a 15 minutes journey was 600 baht (RM60) *gulps*
Please stab me in the heart.

The tuk-tuk is like a walking club. The driver blast the music loudly and we were actually dancing in the tuk-tuk :)

 Broke yet happy faces. Teeheee!

 Snacks! The Ritter Sport is only 40 baht each. Cheap siut! 

 That was our short getaway trip in Krabi.
Miss every single bit of it.

Sarah's cute passport holder.

Finally I'm done with my Krabi post.
So sorry for taking such a long time to update everything.
I promise you that I'll blog more often.

I'll end my chambering in 3 days time. So I'll have all the time in the world to travel and also to blog.
Make sure you visit my blog often to check out on my new updates alright. 

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