Tuesday, June 4, 2013

# 040613

Life still remains the same after returning back from my short holiday in Krabi.
We tried to live our life to the fullest so that we won't die regretting.

Back in 20th April, it was a busy day for me. Busy melepak.
Met up with old friends the entire day.

First, I had my brunch in Nandos with the boyfie.

Then we meet up with Miss Ying-Le in Coffee Bean for the entire evening.
She has changed entirely into a city girl.

 With her new sexy hairstyle.

After that, I rushed back to Klebang for another round of lepaking with my secondary school friends.
It was good to be able to meet up with most of them. Everyone looks different and I'm glad that they organize the BBQ.

 Unfortunately all pictures were blurry.

After that, I rushed all the way to town again for my third lepaking. Craziness. Think petrol is made out of water is it? tsk tsk!

But it was fun! How I wish to do that EVERYDAY! haha.

 Mr and Mrs Smith (Melaka version)

The pretty girls.

 The gay dudes.

 In love with Presilia's new camera! I want it so badly lor! *hinting*

 You can upload it instantly to facebook okay! Provided there's a wifi connection la.

 Little Mermaid hair.

Stupid boyfie.


We also celebrated Jia Rou's end of chambering in April.
Went to Boardroom for celebration.

 Gonna miss you ah moi.


Big Bad Wolf was held in MITC in early May and most of us went GAGA over it.
I actually had a trip to the fair with my bosses and colleagues. I bumped into a number of friends there.
Everyone shopped like crazy.

 One trolley :D

 Meet Vince. Ex attachment student from FTC.

Bookmark collections from BBW *hearts*

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