Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Babies Birthday Celebrations.

Last month main focus was purely on our birthdays (Fikry, Mark and I). All three of us were having a close birth dates. All within 2 weeks.

Firstly, it was Fikry's Birthday celebration.
We had our lunch in Row Six and headed for Star Trek movie.

Our delicious lunch. I am in love with their Nasi Ketuk with Tandori Chicken. Sedap sehingga menjilat jari.
Especially the sambal belacan. The price is about RM15-18 if I'm not mistaken.

After movie, we went to Simply Fish for dinner. It was a birthday surprise. I'm not sure he was surprised or not la.

I also bumped into Chris with his coursemates. Apparently, it was his birthday celebration on that night too.
What a small small world :)
He gave us some cakes too. So sweet of you. Thank you very much and Happy Birthday to you once again (although this post is rather late).

 His cake.

 Another Birthday Boy with his group of friends.


 Fikry's Birthday Cake. Tuxedo shape.

 Happy Boy!

 Look who I met on the same day. FLIPPY!! It has been a long time since we met.

Our group photo :)


Next was the boyfie's Birthday. Unfortunately it fell on working days. Hence, limited time to celebrate.
Fortunately I manage to surprise him and the expression of his face was totally priceless. hahaha.
We called for Domino Pizza delivery.

 Arale's theme cupcakes together with her favorite shit from Dr. Slump anime.

 Happy Birthday baby. Muacksss!!!

 Mini celebration with close friends and family.

 Please ignore the ceiling. The house was under renovation for some leakage problem. 

You can be a good model la. Especially for shitty stuff *winks*


Last but not least, it was ME MYSELF AND I punya Birthday.
First celebration was with Miss Jesslyn Tan.
It was so random and super surprising because she actually celebrated 1 week earlier. hahahahaha!
Plus I also got cheated into choosing my very own present WITHOUT MY OWN FREAKING KNOWLEDGE. OMG! Where got people so dumb and easy kena cheat one T_____T

She told me that her sister's birthday is coming soon and she's clueless on what to get, hence she needed my help. As easy as that. And I fell for it. RUBY ONG why you like that!

Then we had lunch in Secret Recipe and the funny thing was the staff came to our table with 2 slice of cake with the candle and without lighting the candle. hahahahahaha! I can see the irritation looks on Jesslyn. The lady memang fail to the max la. (Ohh this also reminds me of Fikry's Birthday where the dude also forgot to light the candles up but luckily the boss managed to screw the dude before he approached to our table).

Why these people so ding dong la. No sense of surrounding at all.
Ended up I laughed like mad when I found out about the fail birthday cake surprise. hahaha.
But I am so touched at the same time. Thank you so much babe. Love you mucho mucho! muacks!!

 Girlfriend *hearts*

 With my birthday cake teeehhheeee.

 My cute gigantic pink hippo from Jess. Awwww *tears of joy* thanks again babe. You're the best!

 Camwhoring with my little fat hippo. Cute can die!

Second celebration was quite unexpected too.
We had our dinner in Nandos and cik Maryam joined us.
Seriously, I should have some sense of suspicion when she told me she coincidentally bumped into Fikry while ber-shopping there -________-" and I actually buy her story. FML!

I was surprised by the boyfie who bought me Arale's SHIT as my birthday cake. OMG!!!! Love you die die! hehehe.

 My cake was partially ruined by the Nandos staff :(

 That's Arale with a shit on her stick. She loves to offer shit to people. LOL.

I'm amazed that my cake do look alike with the original 'character'.

 Muka gembira semacam.

 Freshly baked poop for sale. 

 Thanks a lot Marky. You've made my day.

 Thanks everyone for celebrating my Birthday with me.

 Can't get enough of ASS and SHIT. Double combo!
Muka gedik nak mati.

Group shot.

All cakes and cupcakes above were custom made by Miss Radiance.
For those who are interested (only for those who live in Melaka) you can contact her through facebook.

Till then. Toodles.

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