Friday, July 29, 2011

Love Letters

Last Thursday was my first time ever shopping with my 4 others shopping kaki course mates.

Nicole, Ying Le, Vicky, Cindrell and I ;)
We went to town right after our criminal procedure lecture class.

Went to Station Kopitiam to recharge our energy first.

OMG just look at the colors of the ice cream. Super appetizing and delicious. Yummy :)

So basically we shop and shop and shop.

Vicky bought the most that day. She got herself 3 dresses, 1 formal shirt, 2 cardigans, 2 leggings and 1 shoes.
Nicole bought a blouse and a cardigan. Whereas for Ying Le, she got herself 2 pairs of shoes and a dress.
And as for me I only bought 3 dresses and 1 skirt. Poor Cindrell. Bought nothing. LOL.

hehehe Ying Le's face expression so cute. The sad face because couldn't find any shoes that suited her taste.

The happy shopping queen; Vicky. She never plan to get a shoes but in the end she bought one.
Shopping queen. She said she don't feel that her purchase was a lot that day.
Plus she shop almost every month. So that is considered as freaking a lot okay. hahaha.
The shopping queen title shall goes to you :)

Restraint myself from buying shoes. Imma super girl :D
Okay my hair looks fugly.
On a mission to keep my hair long again.
The process of keeping it long is a pain in the ass I tell you!

We went to this particular shoes shop and started using their cute circle red cushion just for camwhoring purposes without buying any shoes. I bet the lady over there will curse us like mad. hahahahahah!

After done camwhoring, we just left the shop like that. hehehehe. Memang sial kan perangai. haha.

Our shopping stuffs.

Once I got back home, I arranged by closet because it was too unorganized. Then I noticed that I actually have quite a number of belts. Going to give it out to people. Buat semak sahaja.


Last Friday, went to watch Wu Xia.

The movie was not as what I expected it to be. The ending was pretty much fucked up.

That day was Brendan's Birthday as well. So right after movie we went to Sibaraku for dinner.

After dinner went to Jetty for pool. Had a great day with the bunch of crazy friends :)


Went to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins last Saturday.
Managed to drag Stanley and the gang as well.
He was reluctant to watch that. But since I fulfilled his stupid suggestion on watching Wu Xia (he always disappoint me in the sense of movie selection) so he got no choice but to follow my request. hehe

The movie was quite funny. Overall not bad la.

After movie went to Limbongan for some satay and then went to Jetty for pool again. Boring Melaka. Nothing much to do except for the same old thing.


Stayed at home the whole Sunday for revision.
Ended up sleeping almost the whole day O_O

Monday to Wednesday busy with classes and stuffs. Went to Pak Putra for dinner on wednesday despite the fact that we are having paper on thursday. Relax to the max.

So I had my paper today and it was so-so.
I will blog about about it next time. To be continue....

ps: went to watch Captain America just now and it was AWESOME!


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