Friday, July 15, 2011


I miss you like crazy~
Every morning and every night~

Hello :)
It's been 2 good weeks since I last updated my little humble blog.
I've been very very busy with stuffs. Yeah stuffs. What kind of stuff? Stuff's stuff lor :P
Kids wouldn't understand.
Only grown ups will know T______________________T
Okay I feel so old now.
Yes i am old indeed.

I can't imagine what my life would be and most importantly HOW THE FUCK MY FACE GONNA LOOK LIKE AFTER 15 YEARS!!!!

Anyway I'm just gonna blog about what happened in the past 2 weeks in my super ordinary life. Nothing special except from lepaking and more lepaking owhh and also busy lepaking again :P


It was on Friday and we had this extra class at 9am to 11am.
It was supposed to be our one and only day without any classes or tutorials but ended up our beloved lecturer gave us extra classes every Friday :(

Which means I have class every single effing day.
Mad or not?
Dah la I have to drive back and forth everyday. My petrol also need at least RM10 a day just for me to travel to MMU and back to my house.

Sigh this is what you'll get if you stayed 40mins drive away from campus :(
You think I not bored ah drive everyday for like almost 4 years already.
Crazy one okay! I hate to drive lor. I prefer someone to fetch me around instead.

Okay I ran out of my initial topic already.
So I was saying that, last Friday after class we rushed to GSC because we bought the 11.40am movie.
Went to watch TRANSFORMER 3.

I'm very smart to suggest them to watch early morning one because no students yet mah and most of the adults were busy working. Only lifeless people like us will have free time to watch in that hour. Plus it's only RM11.
Oh yea they increased RM1 already for the ticket price. Ish!!

There's no need for me to give my opinion on the movie. I bet everyone will have slightly the same opinion. Thumbs up pose will do.

Right after the movie we went to A&W for lunch.
It's been quite sometime since I last ate this fast food.
I still remember during my elementary school time, there was a branch near the MBMB public swimming pool in town where I used to swim a lot. But not anymore. Retire liao.

So, my parents will buy me the Root Beer with floats. Must make sure Double scoop some more. hahahaha!

That day was David's Birthday as well.
So we went to an apartment which he rented near Melaka Raya to celebrate his birthday.

After that we headed to Movida. *dancing*

I feel so blissfully cute in this picture :D
Well not just the picture. I am cute indeed in real life.

So that's the end of my opening ceremony for the month of July.


Did I mentioned that I've been eating lots of lots of fast food since the beginning of my semester? I'm in my week 6 now. So can you imagine for the past 6 weeks, the food that I ate was basically manufactured from

1. KFC (most common like wtf! Twice or 3 times a week) madness right?
2. McD (once or twice a week as well)
3. Sushi King (once or twice a week)
4. Burger King
5. A&W
6. Ixora food court (so far I ate there once only for the past 6 weeks) hahaha!

Seriously! This is not even a joke okay. You think fun arr spend so much money on those food? You think cheap?
Eh I mean....... you think healthy ar!!
Of course la NOT!

All Mark's fault la. Everyday wanna eat KFC. Crazy fella.
Whenever I asked him to go Food Court, he'll give me the sissy-wtf-one-kind-of-look-stare and said Eh Dowan La! Cheap place.

hahaha okay of course that's just a joke between us la. But still you damn babi berlagak sial. Though the food there quite sucks which I have to agree and then so hot like hell and also damn oily and kinda smelly and a lot of bored looking people and also damn fuking noisy especially the stupid uncle and aunty selling food kept pressing the bell ring to ask the people to take the food. BUT STILL!!!! It's a place for you to eat okay. So stop complaining :P


I am so busy and not as passionate in blogging as before.
I lose count with what I did and I am trying my very best to enjoy as much as I can with my beloved friends while I still can. 11 months more in campus is not a joke okay.
I wouldn't be seeing 99% of you after we graduate.
Gosh I feel like crying now T___________________T

Anyway here's Burger King. lol
And you can see Amirul's face inside my plan now because he has just upgraded himself from the lowest class hierarchy to the high class people like me. hahahahahaahah!!!!
Just a joke!
Don't la take it so seriously.

I feel so manly man in here. Yeah bebeh~

By the way, I have not been using my Pinky (digicam) as often as before. Sorry for neglecting you my cupcake guchi guchi guuu~~


Then on the 7/7/2011 (Thursday)

It's our customary law to eat in McD
For those who disobey shall be prosecuted in our Sakai Ethnic Code under section 55. Case in point, Mark Rosaidey. Citation Mark v Sakai PP 1989 SKMLJ 16

But this time around, there's only 5 of us.
I think the rest just couldn't keep up their pace with my group.
Yes we are kinda crazy in a way.
So if you saw me gaining a little bit of prosperity, then just shut the fuck up and don't tell me that.

PS: amazingly... amirul's face is inside as well :P LOL!

I'll appreciate if you remain silent UNLESS i personally asked your opinion about my size. And if I do so, please tell me I'm thin or else you know what :P
*evil laughs*

This Fikry. Gaya je lebih. If you think Nicole and I are CMI camwhorer. Then you are totally wrong!!
The guy in the black shade is 1 million times worst than us.
True story!

That day, it was raining super heavily. The weather was so good. After eating McD, of course I need to do some work out to reduce the chubby-ness in me T____________________T

So I decided to join my friends for Badminton in the evening.

Lepak in the law library while waiting for class. Ended up never attend class at all. haha hopeless students. tsk tsk tsk!

But at least I tried my best to read 1 paragraphs for revision okay.
*muka bangga*

I got bored so I took Kwang Hawe's LV wallet to investigate his ID's and etc.
By the way that's an original LV wallet yea.
Do not be a fool like me because previously I thought it was a fake one.
Coz when I see Kwang Hawe's face, there's a sign showing at his face that it is impossible for a people like him to buy the real thing :P


Moral value that I've learnt from this incident was:-

Do not judge a book by it's cover and do not judge a person by his looks

Then we went to this newly opened cafe for lunch. The theme was basically all in white plain curtains everywhere. Quite nice la.

My blueberry yogurt. Damn big glass ler. RM4.50 only but doesn't taste like yogurt at all.

My oyster dried mee. WTF! Dried mee what la? The menu cheated my feelings. It wrote there dried mee so I thought it's supposed to be dry. Who knows ended up with soup o.O

Haiz.... just plain mee hun with some oysters, cost about RM6. More expensive than McD breakfast set. ugh!

Then around 5pm, we played badminton until 7pm. Nicole spoiled 2 pairs of shoes on the same exact day.
I salute you Nicole.
You damn pro.
Teach me how can? hahahahahah!!


As for this week, nothing much happened except for 2 midterm papers back to back. Had my PP paper on the 14/7/2011 and for your information I screwed up that paper. SIGH!
After the exam, I was so depressed that I have to release it with some shopping :D

Went to Sushi King for lunch. They are having Buy 1 Free 1 right now. hehehehe. I ate 6 plates only. Couldn't go more than that. But it's worth it la. Instead of paying rm17, I only have to pay RM8.50 excluding tax.

As for today, I'm having a Conveyancing seminar in Muar by one of our senior speaker Mr Andrew Wong from the Bar Council.

There's more photo's taken this morning. However it is not with me now :(
So I'll post them up when I got the whole thing all right.

The talk ends at 1pm+ and it was raining heavily. By the time we reached Melaka it was around 2.30pm.
Mark, Danny, CK and I headed to Sushi King again for lunch :D
Buy 1 Free 1 mah.
Must eat until kao kao. hehehehe.

Today I managed to eat 7 plates :D
RM24 original price and all I have to pay was half of that.
Can you feel my happiness?

I don't even dare to weigh my latest weight.

So after lunch, went back to campus and did some revision from 4.30pm to 7.30pm due to the fact that I am having another paper at 8-9.30pm just now.

The paper was not as bad as PP. So I think it should be okay.
Well I am dead tired now.
Guess I shall stop here.
Bloody long grandmother story post.

Good night :)

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