Saturday, October 30, 2010


Finally I had a great 9 hours of sleep through out the 14 days of second trimester. Oh well 9 hours is not a great sleep I have to admit but still it's way better than my previous sleepless night.

It was Friday yesterday, and supposedly there's no class at all but due to some stupid changes made by the MMU, now we have class every freaking days. Besides, we also had a replacement class that morning at 10am. After class I was about to leave since the slave dumped me aside :(

While I was on my way to my car I heard some voices shouting at the back but I didn't know they were shouting at me. I buat bodoh la. Because I was busy sms-ing at that point of time. I can't hear what they shouted cuase all I heard was ayuhhwhabagabbakjsnlaslkshumoi

Then finally I heard AH MOI and RUBY. So I turned around to see what's the hiatus all about. hahahaha rupa-rupa it was my GF, jason wee and also Danial.
Bikin malu saja. ISH!

They said they called me various names such as ah moi, lenglui, gf, and god knows what.
So since I was planning to drive to new jusco and slack there all by myself, I've decided to join them for lunch instead.

So we went to somewhere around the masjid in the corner near Jusco for lunch. I had a piece of fried chickens and some sotong and teh ais which cost me RM5. Hmm I know I should not eat seafood. But I just couldn't resist my temptation. The mak cik cooks very delicious sotong there. My favorite delicacy there.

For the very first time I had a meal with Zakwan, Danial, Hasif and Jason together without my slave. See I am independent hmph!! *kick mark far far away*

We were gossiping and laughing like mad. Me like it :D
Jason can really be a very super duper good Girlfriend I tell you!
While busy eating and talking, at the other side of the world *Mark's world* okay let's just skip his world. Not important at all.

After lunch and Friday prayers, all of us went back campus. Eh I never go for Friday prayers okay. It's just that Jason and I were waiting for the 3 guys to finish their prayers.

Soon after Jason and I went to fetch Nicole. Hmmm the princess. Usually took at least 10 to 15 minutes to wait for her arrival. hahahaha.

Thank God Jason was with me, or else I'll die out of waiting for her majesty.
So we started gossiping again. My my I seriously love it :P

Then we went to Din's cafe.

hahahahaha super cute like this boy down here from UP

That's the girlfriend by the way :)

Nicole and I headed to class at 2.30pm and Jason walked all the way back home. hahaha kesian dia.

Class was uh-so-boring. Time seems to pass super slow especially when the slave is not right there beside me for me to pinch his fat stomach T__T
In that way at least I can feel the time is ticking. haha wtf!

Right after class we went to Ixora foodcourt. Mirul, Joanne, Hawe, Nicole, Shad and I. We sat there talking and discussing about ways to generate more money for our funding. We had a great talk. We sat there for an hour.

At 6pm, finally the slave came to fetch me to go get some fruits and all the necessary stuffs for our funding projects. So I managed to buy everything that is needed for Monday. Hopefully everything will go well and we can earn big bucks there. I seriously want this event to be a success. And in order for it to be success, of course we need money. No money no talk.

Once I'm done purchasing all the relevant stuffs, we went to Mydin to get other relevant stuffs. hahahahaha.

hahahahahahahaha Nicole looks so tiny in here. It's a fake one because we were standing on the escalator. She's not that tiny in real life one :P

Anyways, after we were done with our groceries, we headed to Sibaraku to celebrate Kin Ming's 21st Birthday.

That's part of the food I ate. there's more but I was too starving to take pictures. It's been quite some time ago since I last visited Sibaraku; my second home. hahahaahha

Awww please take extra note on Mark's face. hahaha damn cute right? He was so serious. Wanna see what was he actually doing ma?


hehehehe *shy* he is actually peeling the prawns for me. Awwww such a good slave. Normally his mum did this for him but when it comes to his master, of course la he has to do it for his master. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Blueeeekkkkk

I just can't stop laughing each and every time when I looked at these pictures. He looked damn serious yo!
As if la wanna go into the battlefield and kill some prawns yo!

And now for the camwhoring time. It's been quite some time since I actually had a proper camwhoring session :(

 The Birthday Boy

After Sibaraku we headed to Havana but unfortunately it was closed. So we went to Frog Cafe instead. hahahaha what a name.


Later on Steven joined us.

I was so full that night and I can feel that I'm getting fatter than night. Sigh T_______________T
I blame Mark for all this. He's the one who made me fatter wuwu.


Friday, October 29, 2010


I should make MMU Corner as my second home.
The variety of food there is seriously uncountable.
Not only that, the food is quite cheap too.
And most importantly is that there are freaking lots of people for you to look at.
Sadly not many good looking hunks around :(
Aihhh what a disappointment.

I am back to my busy life again.
Gosh! I wonder when this will stop. I seriously miss my room T.T

Plus I got the Respondent's memorial today. Seems like we have to start reading their memorial and prepare with our written submission as well as our rebuttal :(

How I wish there is 48 hours a day.

Off to bed soon after an episode of anime.
Gonna have one busy day ahead tomorrow again.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little break in between

Finally I'm done with the 9 freaking-havoc-busiest-week-of-my-whole-entire-twenty-one-years-of-living-in-this-Universe-full-stop!

I am finally done with my Memorials *wiiippeee*

Last Saturday, my partner and I went to King's Hotel buffet for a discussion.

But I have to admit that it was a nice experience.
The buffet was quite reasonable as well. However I ate super little and not worth the price I paid for.

I had a little rice and some curry mutton which was super delicious I tell you. Then I had2 slice of cakes and some custards. The custards were delicious. Ohmaigawd!

Oh and that's all I had. Okay I know, super rugi right for a people like me eating in a buffet. I can go rape myself now.

I'm supposed to have my 'kepantangan memakan' due to my healing chicken pox disease but due to that meeting, I've decided to screw it. So that Saturday itself, I spend like RM50 on food only T.T

Our discussion ends at 3.30pm and I went to slack around with my slave :D
Had dinner in Pizza Hut. He wanted to try out the latest Pizza which is the Extreme Cheesy Pizza.

Our pizza was with topping therefore need to add extra. Erm the taste was normal lor. And for me it was pretty salty I guess.
By the way thanks slave-ver-ror for the treat.

The hentai slave was caught in action while peeping at the chick behind him. Tsk tsk shame on you! So hiao!!!!

Bought some chocolates. The Black Bitter one was for Boon Keong since I promised him like few months back I think. hahahaha.

The one with golden wrapper was mine. RM3.50 each. WTF!!! Bought 2 equals to RM7 liao T.T
The taste was so-so la. Waste my money only :(

After that we went to watch Dinner for Schmucks.
It was hilarious.

By the time our movie ended it was about 10.10pm and it was drizzling and it was super jam.
Believe it or not, we stuck inside Mahkota's parking lot for more than half an hour just to get out from there.
Imagine starting departing from MP at 10.15pm and I only managed to reach home at 12.30am

2 freaking hours!!!
Can reach KL already lor

So basically Saturday was the day where I managed to slack a little to ease my stress and tension.
Once I got back home I went to bed and I'm having the same routine the following day.
Uh so boring!

Woke up at errr morning? lol.
Then went to the law library again :(
It was Sunday okay. Who the hell visit the library on Sunday la?
Crazy or what?

After a long day there. I joined Mark, Mirul, Danny and Kin Ming for dinner. We went to Pak Putra. By far that is the most expensive mamak place I've ever been. Minimum also need to spend at least RM10 there.
I had Double Cheese Garlic Na'an with a big glass of orange juice. Yummeh :D

Did not take any pictures because all of us were starving to death. Especially Amirul. Who kept stealing people's food. hahahaha

After dinner we went to Jonker because I told the guys that normally there are hot chicks in Jonker.
hahahahaha. Pervert guys!

They camwhored in the car.

Mark bought this 4th generation of RM1which cost him RM22. The money is quite new and it is in a good condition as well. Damn! I should start saving money now and sell it at a higher price in the future especially the one with my face in it :)

Unfortunately there wasn't many people in Jonker that night. So no pretty girls to be seen around. hahaha and I'm the one getting all the blames. Bloody hell!

After Jonker, went back home and sleep and then the next day woke up early again and went to law library again. I got pretty sick with this okay! I seriously hate Mooting. Because of it, I did not get to spend my lovely time watching my ANIMES.



Well Monday was pretty crucial. I reached campus at 11am and we haven't even settled our memorials and the due date was on the next day which was Tuesday (today) (even though I know it's Wednesday now coz I am blogging past midnight right now) and everything was so messed up and it was pretty tense for me. I almost got berserk okay.

Thank God we managed to pull it over in the nick of time.
So basically as you can see the thing in red shown in the picture below was what made me busy for the entire 9 days. There goes my first week of new semester.

Overall cost for 6 memorials were about RM60+
My purse is crying for help.

Not only that, I need to buy another 2 statutes which cost about RM70. Oh my Lord please show us some mercy. Why Statutes so expensive la. It's just a god damn Statutes where the parliament is going to amend it almost every freaking year? perhaps.

Sell cheaper la sikit T.T

Kai choy is helping Q and Zefen to write the page number for their memorials. He wanna buat pahala cause too many sins already. hahahaha

And as for today, we have 2 role models for the semester. These 2 guys who once made a vow where they would hidup semati bersama-sama merintagi segala cabaran serta dugaan yang akan mereka hadapi di dalam ujian peperiksaan :P and jikalau mereka berjaya mengharungi cabaran tersebut, akan mereka mencukur rambut untuk buang sueh :P

Awww both of them look cute in that hair right? Seriously cute! Now you can get the extra 5 minutes of sleep instead of doing your hair right? hahahahaha. Plus jimat shampoo lagi tu wei :D

Had a busy day as well for Tuesday. Woke up at 6am and had class from 8am up to 9.30pm.
Went to KFC for dinner together with Mark, Nicole and Fikry. Since we got plenty of time before heading to our 8pm class, Mark decided to show me a newly build resort located nea Ayer Keroh. It was known as Philea Resort. The place was seriously nice. It was a 5 Star Resort. Well according to the website la.

Damn nice right?? The cheapest room was RM780 a night and it can only fit 2 person. Oh My God!!! Nice lorrrr. 

Can check here for more info. The surrounding was superb.

Suitable for any event such as wedding or even Law Night event :P

They have a karaoke room as well where you can rent it for RM90 per hour. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! exclusive.

That's all folks. I will be back on track to blogging world again. Till then. Toodles

Friday, October 22, 2010

High and Low

Today is the fifth day of campus.
Amazingly, for the rest of my 4 years in MMU, this semester is by far the worst one ever. Was super busy at the very first day of the week. Where got people first day start semester already busy like mad one? Seriously mad lor.

Woke up pretty early on Monday and started doing mooting research in law library together with my partner.
Discussed from 1pm to 5pm. Basically the discussion was just to identify what issues to raise. Reached home about 8pm+ and then after dinner and shower, continue with my research and went to bed about 12am because I was too tired.

The book was given to me by Tan Choon Hong. Oh yea that was my 21st Birthday gift from him. hahahahahahahahaahaha.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The book cost RM70 and of course happy la can get for free. But he told me this:

Oklah you can have the book since I am not going to use it anyways (since he is majoring in criminal law instead of civil law) and this book don't really bring much use to me. Therefore you can have it.

Damn sedih right? You wanna give me then just give la. Don't la say you don't need it then only give me T____________________T

Shad the gorgeous


Had the same routine on Tuesday. Woke up at 8am, discussion at 10am to 3pm. Class at 3pm to 5pm. Had a meeting at 5pm tigether with Q and Jr regarding for the funding activities until 6pm. Then FINALLY went for a date with the slave at 6pm to 7pm. Accompany him for dinner and what I did was just staring at him eating!

I told him I can't eat chicken coz of chicken pox. haha but die die also ended up in KFC. So just tengok lor.
Reached home about 8pm+ and seriously I starve to death. Imagine that I couldn't eat anything except for my mum's cook. T____________________T

Now i know how the African kids feel.

Slept at 2am coz were busy typing out my submission. Konon-kononnya going to meet up with a friend of Jeff who is a lawyer. Mana tau the next day kena FFK. Kanasai!!!!
I dress so formally some more. Damn it!

Met with Rishi when we were having our lunch break. The AFRO dude. hehehe


So like I said, we kena FFk on wednesday. So I went to the law library again from 11am until 3pm. Seriously the law library is like my second home for the whole week.

At 3pm somebody decided to kidnap me and make a runaway with him. hahahahaha.
The plan was to go to the 'bank' which will only be like 30 minutes but ended up I M.I.A for 2 hours.

Had a great experience together with Mark. LOL!

We went for a car wash!!!!
Yes a car wash.
This is the very first time lor I experience such thing. Normally you just send your car to the car wash and waited outside for them to clean your car right. But this one you can just sit inside your car :D
But of course it's not that clean la cause it only washes outside and not inside. Therefore it's half price cheaper. So no big deal la.

Okay I have to stop now. I need to go to the law library again now. For discussion again :(

See you folks soon. Toodles

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's time


Finally the new semester is starting tomorrow.
How I wish this is untrue.

Lately I've been staying at home as you all know what happened to me right.
Such an unfortunate holiday break ever.

Okay I should stop talking about the same old thing that most of you had already knew from the previous post.
So let's talk about something else. Something more interesting such as what's gonna happen next week :D
My gawd! I am so excited to return to Uni life again tomorrow is so-not-true!

Starting from tomorrow onwards I am gonna have a pretty hectic life for the whole semester itself. I just hope I can pull myself up and endure all of the upcoming obstacles.

Since I've been stuck at home for God knows how long, finally I've decided to go out to catch some fresh air. Erm well I think more to polluted air instead :s
Went to Jonker on Friday. Met up with Alex. He was with his MMU friends. So we just chilled around together.

It was good to be able to get out from my house after more than a week of rotting inside. Phewww! What a relieved.

Next day itself, went down town to catch The Other Guys together with Kenny and Alex.

I seriously enjoyed the movie. I laughed throughout the movie. It was stupid, silly, funny and kinda retarded. The story line was okay but their dialogue was crazy. hahahahaha. A must watch movie if you feel like making yourself laughing :)

Owh and the secret hidden lift located in Dataran no longer provided the service up to 4th floor. Only up to 2nd floor. FML!
And one of the guy there told me that they are going to open a pool/snooker soon in Dataran.
Oh okay that's pretty cool.

Our movie ended at 10pm and since Alex was the one fetching me, I have to follow the driver. They went for a game of futsal at 11.30pm and I was stuck all by myself-alone there with a gazillions of guys. I smell sweat. eww! hahaha

By the time they were done with their game it was almost 1am. Went to bed around 4am and having difficulties to wake up this morning. Was being forced by my mother to awake. No choice. Tomorrow got class liao :(

That's us camwhoring in the car while waiting for the rest to arrive. You know la Malaysia timing. Cakap pukul 11pm main, ended up 11.30pm baru start.

Tsk tsk.

Plus according to both of them, i don't looked like someone who had suffered from a chicken pox. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
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