Saturday, October 2, 2010

Somebody or Nobody?

Woke up damn late today and I was like holy-shit-fucking-crapz!!!
Thank God my mum woke me up at 1pm. If not I bet I will still be sleeping like a pig.
Had a date with lynette at 3pm. So was rushing a little.

Meet up in Secret Recipe to treat her for her belated Birthday :)

Big eyes babe with her favorite strawberry marshmallow cake.

As for myself, I had an oreo cheesecake. Hmm the marshmallow cake was damn sweet for me T.T but it was nice of course, just too sweet.

I know I should be the one lighting up the candles since it was her birthday after all. But sadly I failed. WTF? I don't even know how the hell to use a lighter wei. OMG malu giler to the max :(
So ended up she had to light it up herself. hahahahaha zomg sorry la T______T

Sedih aku tengok T______T

Sad face cause old liao :P hahahaha

Then at 4pm we went to watch Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen
acted by Donnie Yen. My God he is so good looking lor. I love his body *winks* so sexyyy~~

Then after movie we went back home.
Once I got home Nicole messaged me to go Jonker with her.

So I went there just for her sake even though I was super tired. Thanks to her I spend $ unnecessarily.
Bought a bling bling ring, a crazy long necklace, and also a bracelet. Currently I'm crazy over these kinda stuffs. Seriously crazy! Thank God there's no Forever 21 in Melaka or else my purse will be Forever 21cent left only :)

Trying to act retarded :) Imma wabbit. wab wab wab! (rabbit sound lol)

That's all for today. I'm tired. Off to bed.

By the way, Fashion Wonderland is now open for our 4th Batch pre-orders :)

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