Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clap your hands

Was taking a break from my revision.
Went to check my digicam and realized that I missed out several pictures. Shall post them now.
Basically this was on Thursday. Right after International Law paper, we went to KFC for lunch. The day before which was on Wednesday, we went to McD. The same bunch of people which consist of Nicole, Mirul, Mark, Danny, Stanley, Kin Ming and I.

McD was full with MMU students that day. Craziness.
Owh and we did something special. Danny took at least 20 packets of creamer and dumped them into my big converse bag.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA the god damn cctv camera was just above us okay. WTF!!!
And now i got at least 2 weeks supply of creamer for my milo. hahahahahhaha.

As for Thursday, Jeff joined us for lunch as well. We seriously had a great chat. Those guys are seriously a bunch of crazy jokers. Damn nice to hang out with :)

The Red Team

ps: take extra notice at the other member wearing red shirt behind mark. hahha that is mark's girlfriend :D He likes it BIG. According to him. That's healthy. hahahahahahaha.

And amazingly each and every one of us wore a matching color of shirt. By the way I looked kinda scruffy that day. Who the hell has time to dress nicely la for exam? I only had 3hours of sleep that day itself, trying so hard to read 11 chapters which are basically I have no freaking idea wtf i am reading also.

Hence the ugly side of me o.O

 The White Team

 The Black Team


The Cincai Team :D

Oh yea, by the way I no longer use my sleeky sexy irresistible nokia N72 phone.
Which means, no more peeping on the phone mirror :(

My new phone.
Yeah, it's just an old model phone. Not an iPhone nor a BB phone. I am just poor like that and plus i prefer normal functions phone instead of those complicated ones (hahaha saja je say like that since no money, kalau ada duit.. ceh terus beli punya.. hahahahahaha)

Oh well. Should stop now and resume back to my revision.
Nerdy mode ON.


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