Friday, September 24, 2010


So I'm down with 3 papers and 2 more to go. By far this is the worst semester ever (for exams only la). As for my activities this semester, it was fantastic. I seriously love my friends :)

Last Friday, my sweethearts came back to Melaka and same goes to the love of my life (my new boyfriend)

So that day itself, without studying for the upcoming paper which was on tuesday (now i regret to the max), I've decided to slack with the sweethearts :D

An opening picture for this post shall be my retarded act. I know damn cute right! wtf!

Attempting to lick my nose. Trying to measure my tongue to see how long it is. hahahahaha. Good for french kissing no? LOL


I seriously miss you girls T___________________________T

We took pretty little pictures that day. About 50 shots only? Okay maybe more O.O but still, it doesn't fulfill my expectations. Whenever I'm with my girls, I need at least 100 shots and above to make myself feel more secure? hahaha wtf!

And now let me introduce you to my new boyfriend <3
I am no longer single. Thank You.

See he grabbed my hair because he can't leave me :P
Awww so sweet of you. I love you too :)

ps: It's not easy to see my picture with my teeth. 
This one special case just for my beloved new bf.
I still prefer my picture without showing teeth.

Then we went for a date in the car :D
Plus he's good in camwhoring too okay!

He had passed the most important qualifications in order to be my ideal boyfriend. If you suck in camwhoring then bye bye and if you are good in it but still your face looks suck, then it will be bye bye kuasa dua :)

I love you honey pie.

Okay I wanna sleep.


Sylvia said...

love this post and you ! (ttut) :D

Sharon said...


ps. I hugged haydenz today.

ruby said...

sylvia: I wanna go SG and meet you girls T__T

sharon: hehe HUGSSS!!! thanks :)
ohmaigawd!!! u hugged haydenz today? T_____T i want to hug and carry him too. sigh. i miss him so much.

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