Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a dream

Finally class is almost over. What's left is just another lecture class on Monday and I'm officially having a 2 weeks off before sitting for my finals. Gotta buckled myself up and start doing my revision.

Woke up at 6am today and the weather was so damn nice for me to sleep. It was raining okay T_____T
Only if I have the option to skip class then I'll surely do it lor. The only reason why I went to class was because I am so motivated to answer the tutorial question but heck knows when it comes to the question which I have prepared for, the time is over -____________- freaking bloody hell!

After class went to do some charity work for nicole.
Her new stocks for her

Sorry the photo seems pretty dark.

There's more product but I shall not post them here. Just click HERE for those who are interested.


After that Nicole decided to do an experiment on my hair. According to her it's a good bargain. Me modelling for her and in return she'll do my hair. haha but I do have to admit that the curls turn out to be very nice. Me like it :D

Hair so nice sure la camwhore time :D

Wanna look for the perfect style for your own make over? Visit Fashion Wonderland for latest fashions where we can transform you from an ugly duckling to a beautiful white swan :P

Nothing is Impossible.

Okay shit. I think I'm in love with this fashion which is totally so not like me. Looks like I'm the one who have to start shopping with Fashion Wonderland. hahaha.

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