Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Momoe is love

There's a singing competition in Jonker last Sunday. Yee Fan was performing as the guitarist. Nicole asked me to watch the performances. So I decided to go Jonker that day. They had this break dancing performances as well and it was so-so only. The singers, oh well. I didn't really listen to their singing as I were busy walking hunting for new ear rings and busy looking for my favorite Mango Juice *hearts*
The Mango juice is heaven. Thanks to Emily who kept telling us how delicious it was. So I have to give a shot. It was sour and I love sour drinks :D

Sat at this bar or whatesoever it was. It was located nearby the main stage. My position was at the back of the wall so I couldn't really see that well.
Alvin ordered fries. The fries was quite yummeh but it's fattening.

Took several pics with Nicole but I shall not post here okay dear, just to jaga your air muka. hahahahahhaha.

Managed to get myself 6 new pairs of ear rings. ahhh collections :D


Yesterday was Merdeka Eve. I seriously need to shop or else I'm so gonna be crazy lo. Went to fetch Nicole and on the way to Jusco got caught in a stupid crazy nut jam ~.~
Reached Jusco almost 7pm. Took me an hour just to reach there from Ixora. WTF!
Once we got there I was pretty surprised as the shopping mall was rather empty o.O
Eh where's everybody la? Shouldn't it be Merdeka Eve's and there's SALES all over the place?
But it was a good thing too because in that way I don't have to fight over stuffs.

Camwhoring in the toilet is just part of our traditional culture :)

My intention was to get a new pair of shoes/flats/heels/wedges that night and I managed to get a wedges for a very very very super good deal. I felt so proud of myself for being such a talented shopper for being able to get good stuffs for a good deal :)
I shall not tell you the price of my wedges. *teeheee*

Bought it from Momoe.

My 1 day old wedges

Damn cute right my new wedges? hehehehe *hearts*
Nicole got one too. We bought them together as it was super cheap and we just can't resist ourselves from getting our hands from owning it.
It looks a little similar with my previous wedges just that this is far way cuter :)

My 3 months old wedges

I need a new pair of flats but couldn't find any that gives me a good bargain as well as satisfying my taste. It's either the flats were cheap and ugly or it's nice and expensive or worst part is that it's ugly and yet expensive -_____- bloody hell.

I was looking for a new handbag too because my converse bag becomes very ugly and according to Nicole and Mark

'Ruby go get a more ladylike handbag please'

Aihhh sedih sial. I look like a boy to you la now izit carrying my beloved Converse bag. SAD CAN DIE!

Most of the bags were either not my type or it was so freaking expensive and I feel that it's too lady for me. Biasalah I kan comel. Mana suitable pakai benda mature mature ni. ish! :P

Instead of getting a new handbag. I bought a new dress :D
Nyahahahahahhaha the dress looks really good on me and I love it to the max.
Gives the super elegant look :P
Please let me syok sendiri for a moment can or not?

After done with our shopping. We went to buy some groceries. I can be very successful housewife in the future.

1. Expiry date [checked]
2. Price [checked]
3. Money in purse [checked]  ---- (must check first ma, later not enuf money how? shy lor)
4. Trolley [checked]
5. Shop for snacks [double check and yes CHECKED!!]
6. Comparison of prices between different places [not checked]   This one normally aunty does it :P but not me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Nicole you did that right? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Ughh so I bought snacks which cost me RM30++ and breads that cost me RM10+
Overall spend about RM100+ that day. Not bad la hor. Got the successful + cute housewife future to be looks or not? *winks*

So for those who are looking for a gf don't hesitate to call or leave your number or mail or whatever means you can find to get in touch with me. Just that I won't guarantee you that there will be a response or answer :)

Belum cuba belum tahu mah.



As for today. I'll just rot at home and animes.

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