Friday, August 13, 2010

Love the way it is

Since I'm done with 4 of my assignments our of 5. Today I've decided to slack to the max in my room. Felt like going out but was too lazy to drive. Thank God I think twice before stepping out from my room. Going out equals to empty pocket.

So I've been watching my sailor moon anime :D
Until one certain point I got bored and decided to watch some make up tutorials in youtube.
I tried to look for Park Bom eye inspired videos because I think it's cool and it makes her way cuter :D

I tried to do something like this

There's a gap in between and that makes it super gorgeous. Me love it :D
Sadly to say I'm not good with drawings. So i suck at drawing eye liners. This is why I don't use eye liners though I know I should have been using it to enhance my small eyes. Putting an eye liner will eventually make your eyes bigger and longer. Of course depends on how you draw it la.

However it turned out to be like a shit for me :(
So instead of having a gap in between, I draw the whole thing to cover up the mistakes I've done.

Okay la no matter what I do to my eyes it will still ended up looking small -________________-

hahahaha please ignore my bushy brows. Wanna keep it as bushy as possible for the sake of protecting the mother nature. hahahaha wtf!

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