Monday, August 23, 2010


I had only 3 hours of sleep on Saturday. After my previous blog I plan to continue with my sleep but somehow I felt energetic :) so I've decided to surf until like 1pm when suddenly the babe asked me out. We have not been slacking together for quite some time already. Yesterday was a great day. We traveled from one place to another place as if la petrol is made from water.

We headed to Jonker at first in the afternoon. Went there just for the asam laksa :)

At the very first sight, this painting is quite disturbing. But after a few looks, it seems interesting. Her boobs so damn bloody pointy one o.O and why is her mouth located quite close with the flower? hahaha *thinking of something obscene* *whistling*

Don't you think the painting looks so artistic?

Then we headed to Mahkota.

After that we headed to the new Jusco just to stop by at JCO. hahaha see I told you. Travel damn a lot in few hours time.

The middle one was mine. OMG damn delicious. Forgot what's it called. Some forest thingy doughnut name :S

It was about 7pm when we camwhored like mad in JCO. Most turned out not up to the expectation. So no camwhoring pictures :(

It's either I looked fat or others closed their eyes or others look fat -_____________-
So conclusion all also cannot. ish!

After that we went to jonker again. hahaha yes AGAIN!

Once we were on our way back from Jonker. I seriously think that I'm dead. How the hell I got that much energy to walk when I only had like 3 hours of sleep within 48 hours. Gosh! The time I got back home. I planned to sleep straight after my shower. However me and my itchy hand, decided to on my computer and surf the net until 11.30pm.

After that supposed to sleep but gatal go play sms with Si Hantu. Then ended up sleeping at 12am. Then Sunday have to wake up at 8am for prayers. Then now whole day dizzy and feel like dying. Okay I should go to bed now :)

Night peeps.



g_pentium said...

about tat 1st glance it was after reading your descriptions on it...walau so far thinker ah

j-co nice meh...i mean the look is delicious,but the dough texture is abit spongy...

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