Saturday, August 21, 2010


So yesterday~
oh oh oh~~

So yesterday was the day where I have to go campus even though I've got no class. Went to submit assignment and collect my midterm result. By the time everything was settled it was about 3.30pm and we headed to Walk In Taipei just to kill time. There were only the three of us. The 2 beauty and the ugly ghost. hahahaha.

We sat there until 6.40pm okay! 3 freaking hours. But we had a really great chat :)
Poor mark. Has to talk a lot while looking at us eating and drinking while he himself just telan air liur sendiri ^^
yum yum kan? hahaha

The reason why I have to slack there for 3 hours is just because that, at night itself I'll be having a BBQ and we need to wait for the guys to do their things. hahaha 'do their things'

Reached there at 8.15pm and it's time to feast bebeh!
After an hour only the camwhoring starts.

Each and every pic got my face one okay!
Whether you like it or not, you still have to see the whole thing :P

hahaha fish spa. I bet the fishes will die lor due to eating the dead cells of 4 smelly people feet.

The guys were playing black jack and Jason lose consecutively. Doing the cute face won't help you to win la. Just give up Jason.

hahaha okay I know my face and pose all looks the same in every single damn effing picture!!! AKU SUKA LA!!! YOU SIBUK APASAL! :P

All the pweetty girls <3

Pictures worth a thousand words.
nuff said.

ps: slept for 3 hours only and here I am waking up at 8am blogging this :(

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