Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Don't feel motivated to blog this few days.
Just because I feel that I've got something better else to do such as online window shopping


Last Saturday I went to watch Expendables together with Alex. The movie was awesome! At least it was super duper awesome to me. According to Mark and Mirul it was so-so.

I just think that their actions were damn cool and especially the part where the soldiers exploded into pieces. OMG!!! Damn nice lor. haha

After movie headed to Jonker and I spend about RM50 there buying foods. Let's see what I had. Erm I had mee laksa, mango jelly ice blended, 2 packets of dodol, a bottle of cocktail and some japanese food. OH MY GOD! Fat like hell lor.


I can't remember what I did on sunday.


Monday whole day class and it was tiring :(
Oh wait. I skipped the evening class. HAHAHAHA
But still tired okay T______T


Tuesday was a super hectic day as well. During the break went to Dins cafe with Kin Ming, Li Han, Danny and Mark. Aihhh 4 guys bombarded me :(
Do you know what's their topic about????
They were talking about other guy's dick -________________________-
About the size and the length. OMG!!! I didn't know you guys this sick one lor!!!!!
Curse you to hell la Mark! Bulan puasa also want to buat dosa. cish!


Wednesday which is today. Hmm had a great fun today because I finally able to shop (it's not like I can't shop but it's just that I choose not to shop) hahahaha :P

Went to Jusco with my babe Nicole. It was her 22nd Birthday yesterday but we don't have the chance to celebrate. Don't worry we will celebrate it okay. Just that I'm not sure when. hahahaha

At least you got your mini super cute choco chips muffin cake from me :P
Happy 22nd Birthday once again dear.

We went to I Love Yoo restaurant for lunch today.
We had scallop porridge with yu tiao. OMG seriously damn nice wei :)

Right after lunch we started shopping from 1pm to 5pm. hahaha seriously crazy right. We stopped by one shop and we tried clothes for almost an hour there :D and we tried damn a lot of clothes lor. I'm in love with one of the dresses but I choose not to get them cause Nicole said I looked totally like a Korean girl in that dress. hahaha *shy*

Oklah that is not the reason why I never buy it. The reason was I'm on a mission to save money for my honeymoon trip with my baby darling :)

The Birthday Girl with her muffin cake. hahaha at least you got a muffin cake from me right? Better than nothing. LOL
Don't worry there's more to come. Hopefully. hahahaha


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