Sunday, June 3, 2012

Taiwan - Nantou (Wenwu Temple)

Day 3 Part 1 - (19 May 2012)

Was having a hard time to get up from my cozy bed.
Waking up at 5am every morning is a no-no for me. But this was an exception.

Had our breakfast in the Hotel. Their breakfast wasn't that good.
The varieties of food are just not for my liking.
All I had was this (picture below)

After breakfast, we departed to Wenwu Temple which took about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from our Hotel (Lichia Royal Garden Hotel).

This is the bus that we rode for the entire journey/trip in Taiwan.
The bus is sexy!
They even have a cctv inside the bus. All of our actions were monitored by the headquarters LIVE!
This cctv helps them to keep track with how accidents were caused and also to avoid people from stealing stuffs in the bus. The crime rat in Taiwan is very very low. You don't have to worry about snatch theft there. You can walk like a boss in the middle of the road while carrying your handbag. Nobody is going to snatch it away from your hands.

That's because they even have CCTV by the roadside.
Plus Taiwan is going to implement a new law if I'm not mistaken, which is to install view cam (cctv) in every cars. Erkkkk this one a bit scary la. No privacy at all already. hahaha!
But I'm not sure whether my information is correct or not la. Don't bash me for giving this info.
Go do some research first before taking seriously what I've just said.

Look at that! Lovely!
Taiwan is surrounded by mountains almost EVERYWHERE!!!

 A bottle of water a day keeps the doctor away.

 Wenwu Temple!

Arrived at Wenwu Temple around 9am and we were briefed about the Temple's background, history, the proper way to pray and etc.

More pictures below :)

Bought myself a new umbrella there.
Since I bought it from the temple, I assume that I'll be blessed for it.

Did you know that umbrellas that are made in Taiwan are all protected from UV rays?
Yes! That is something special about their umbrellas. So if you were to visit Taiwan, don't forget to buy one for yourself.

Just make sure you don't get the one that is made in China.
Coz you can get that even in Malaysia. Duh!

 Only cost NT$ 150

More pictures of the Temple.

 Love the red pillars!
Oh and of course my new blue shoes!

Baby boy in pink!
Had been bugging him for so long to get himself a pink shirt.
Finally he bought it from G2000 just for the sake of this Taiwan trip.

Pink shirt and red bag. Gay much? Very much!
But me like!

This is the so called Sun Moon Lake. That is our next stop which will be in my next post.
The lake is located around the Temple. About 10-15 minutes drive only.

Love this staircase.

Next post coming up soon!

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