Thursday, November 3, 2011

Penang Day One (Part 2)

In the afternoon about 3pm, we walked all the way to KOMTAR to take the shutter bus.
On the way there, Nicole, Danny and Dah Yun stopped by a chinese shop for brunch.

They had some pork for brunch. Not bad. Quite delicious. The price was around Rm5-7 per plate.

Once we reached KOMTAR, we went to the information counter to seek for some help since we did not know where the hell was the shutter bus located. It is nice to have a free transport but the problem is that the bus does not come every 5 minutes to pick passengers up. We wasted our time waiting for a bus. If this is Singapore, then I wouldn't complain. But hey this is Malaysia. Their public transport is a pain in the ass. However I do admit that Penang's transportation service is slightly 10% better than Melaka.

We waited almost 20 minutes if I'm not mistaken just to get a ride on a shutter bus. This is what happened when you do not have any friends or relatives to provide you free transport or being stingy and reluctant to spend extra money for a better transportation such as taxi or booking a van. I do admit that initially I had in mind was to sit the bus to every places. But after the incident, I got so pissed and decided that we should just book a van the next day to bring us around though the price was pretty hefty.

Our first destination was Fort Cornwallis. By the time we reached there, the sky was quite dark. I knew that it was going to rain heavily that day. So we managed to take pictures from the outside only. Wouldn't want to waste our money buying ticket visiting the Fort when the rain will pour down like cats and dogs.

We passed by Dewan Undang Negeri. It was located somewhere nearby the Fort. Just opposite the road.

At that moment, the wind was so strong. It was so strong that it made you felt like the wind was going to blow you away.

Then we went to Esplanade. Gosh! The sea was gorgeous. Very clean and clear.

Can you see how windy it was? My hair was flying here and there non-stop.

Mark's hair very funny. *hearts*

Then we went to a nearby shop to eat. The place was quite ugly and dirty and unpleasant to look at but then there's this one stall selling Mee Sotong with remarkably good business. So we wanted to try the Mee since everyone who stops by there tend to order such dish.

Had Coconut Shake and it is way more expensive than the one selling in Klebang, Melaka.
RM2.50 per glass. Still can't beat Klebang's coconut shake. By far it is the best one ever that I've tried.

This is the Mee Sotong. RM4 for small plate and RM6 for a big plate. We ordered one big and one small plate of Mee Sotong. According to Mark it was very delicious. But to me it was not bad only.

Then the rain started to pour. I hate to travel in such condition. Spoil most of our plans. So we took the shutter bus back to KOMTAR. Just like usual, we need to wait again. Sigh. More waiting :(

Since the weather wasn't that good. It left us with no choice but to walk around the shopping malls. There's 3 shopping malls connecting each other in KOMTAR. I can't remember which zone we were in when we had some light desserts in Soyasoya.

hehe sepet eyes. Me like ;)

This is mine. I had Soya Pudding + Mix Pearl + Nata De Coco. RM5 a bowl. You can choose several types of soya. I hade chocolate Soya with Jasmine Tea as flavoring. Yummy!!
I love my soya the most. See how colorful it is.

Here's some souvenirs KM, Nicole and I bought for the first day. Most of the stuffs below belongs to Nicole.

I only bought 4 of those pencils and I forced KM to buy me a magnet that looks like a temple. Muahahah.
Thank you KM. May God Bless you but still I won't forget that you owe me something.

Then we headed to Jalan Penang to look for the most popular Nasi Kandar.
It is known as Line Clear.

Nicole, Dah Yun, KM and Danny shared a plate on the left hand side which cost RM10. Some vegetables, one piece of fried chicken and some fish. Whereas on the right hand side was mine together with Mark. Consist of lamb, ladyfingers and a piece of fried chicken which cost RM12.9

Right after eating, we went to search another stall. This time it was the must-try char kuih teow. I'm not sure where was it located because we randomly walked. But it was by far the best kuih teow I ate for the 3 days trip and also the most expensive one of all.

The Char Kuih Teow shop.

This is small plate which cost RM6.2 whereas big plate cost RM6.8
Nicole and I shared a small plate. It was super delicious.

After that we headed back to our Hotel around 10pm+ and I went to bed around 12am. Nicole and I slept quite early that night but the guys went to Upper Penang Road to enjoy. 

That's all for Day One. Shall blog about my Day Two next time.

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