Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Penang Day Two (Part 2)

Continuance from my Part 1 Day 2 in Penang.

After our Para-sailing, we went to Lim Wah Thai. Bought some cookies there for my mum.

Had lunch in some unknown kopitiam and all of us had Roasted Duck Rice except for Mark who had Maggie Goreng. The duck was so tender and juicy. Yummy! Penang is known as a Food Paradise for a reason.

RM 3.50

RM 3.50

After regaining our energy back, we headed to the Burmese Temple.

hehehehe I'm a super girl.

The temple is so damn big. We did not managed to walk around the whole place as we had battle against the time.

So we went to Sleeping Buddha Temple which is located just the opposite of the Burmese Temple. Damn convenient. heh!

Then there's this Wheel of Fortune in the temple.
We are required to insert RM 0.50 and then it will automatically spin the wheel of fortune and the lights will stop on a number. And then there's a compartment where it was filled with papers ranging from number 1 up to 28. Then just the paper according to the number that you get. Can you see the light stopped at number 28?
That was my number.
My luck will be better in the future. According to the wheel of fortune.
How true is that?
Well I don't know.
Just don't take it too seriously.
Though I strongly agree that my life in the future will be even better. That is definitely so damn true. HAHAHAHA!!!

Our next destination was the Chocolate Boutique.

Thanks Mark for the chocolate *hearts*

Chocolates that we bought. RM120+ in total.

Then we headed to Gurney Plaza in the evening.
Went to Gurney Drive for dinner.
Thank God the rain stopped around 7pm plus.

And we started to hunt for food!!!
Gosh! There are many stalls to choose from.
Food Paradise.

Pasembur RM20 (wtf why so expensive)

Egg Oyster RM15 (they have prawns and squid in it) but i was still shocked for the price.

15 sticks of Satay RM10.50 (mutton + chicken)

Char Kuih Teow RM4 (taste was so-so)

Chai Kuew RM4 

Asam Laksa RM4

Home-made Supreme Burger RM7.5
We ordered two. One beef and one chicken

The one Nicole was holding in her hand was Apam Balik.
RM2.5 for 5 pieces.

The Egg Oyster was too freaking delicious and we just have to order the second plate. This time we asked for a smaller one and the price is still expensive o.O

Satay again. RM 13.50

Hahahaha all of us looked so tired and sweaty.

After calculating all the food and divided them equally among all of us, amazingly the total amount was RM100+
Walao. Eat in hawker stall also can cost that expensive.

It was a very long and tiring day for us.
But we did not end our Day 2 just like that.

After we were done with our dinner. We headed back to our Hotel. Was busy looking for cab.
Finally we got one.

From Gurney Plaza to our Hotel, it cost RM20 for the 3 of us. We took 2 cabs.
Aihh.... spend damn a lot just on transportation itself :(

Once we got back, all of us had some rest and took our shower to refresh ourselves. After resting for 2 hours, we headed to Upper Penang Road for some party baby!!! We took a cab there for RM12.

Everyone was celebrating Halloween that night.
The whole street was full with pretty and good looking guys.
One word - ORGASMIC!


Some life band performances

Just look at the amount of people. All the girls were well dressed up. I felt lost there since I was under dressed.

We went into Zenzibar for a drink.

We had our first cocktail tower which was Sex on the beach cocktail. It's only RM90 for a tower. Pretty cheap.

The taste wasn't that good. LOL!

Now you understand why I said i was under dress. Who the hell wore a jacket for clubbing. hahahahaha!!

I had 3 shots of it and then I started to feel tipsy.

She was tipsy I guessed :P

Then the guys ordered another tower of cocktail again. OMG! This time they ordered Apple Cardi. It taste way better than the former one. Again I had 3 shots. I had total of 6 shots that night. I don't usually drink. However that night we played a game and the loser has to drink it up.

I lost couple of times. sob.

haha I was dizzy already in this picture above.

Nicole had 7 shots that night. So we called it a day.

Once we went out, she puked. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Covering her face because of embarrassment.
I can't stop laughing.
Mark was so happy because Nicole puke.
hahaha wtf!
That's because she was so cocky to Mark and she told Mark that she will never ever puke.
LOL! Tu lah, next time don't say something which you are uncertain with Nicole. hahahaha.

Stupid guys wanted to camwhore with the champion of the night. hahahaha!

I wanted to upload the puke picture but then again, I felt so sorry for The Champion. hahaha. Hence no picture of it okay. LOL.

Plus it's quite disgusting la to post it anyway. hahahaha.
But then again, I love disgusting stuffs.

The happy tipsy me :)

Then we wanted to find a cab back. This stupid guy said it cost RM30. wtf! It's only about 10minutes drive. In the end we got another taxi driver for RM25. Nicole, Dah Yun and I went back first. As for Danny, KM and Mark, they went for a massage.

The poor girl suffering in the cab.

Once we got back into our Hotel, Nicole kantoi terus.

So that's the end of my Day 2 in Penang.
Very shiok lor.
We should do that again :)

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