Thursday, November 3, 2011

Penang Day One (Part 1)

I am going to reveal the prices in this blog post for some guidelines to those who wants to visit Penang next time.
This is my first time there. Therefore I am not sure whether the amount I spend was a good deal or not.

So last Friday which was on the 28th of October 2011, my friends and I visited Penang for 3 Days 2 Nights.
We opt for flight instead of the bus. We got our flight ticket for RM221 including accommodation which I personally think that it's quite cheap and affordable. However such price was on promotion by Air Asia. I am not sure whether you'll be able to get such price or not next time. Who knows if you are luckier enough to get even a cheaper one?

Next is the bus ticket from Melaka Central to LCCT. It cost RM22 per person.
That midnight, we departed at 12.15am sharp. Unfortunately the bus was having some difficulties and thank god the bus did not breakdown. So we managed to reach LCCT safe and sound except that we reached there almost 3am.

The first thing we did was to find food. Was disappointed because almost every fast food and restaurants were closed.
Ended up we bought a box of Dunkin Donuts for supper.

RM13.50 for a half dozen of Dunkin Donuts

KM, Nicole and I shared the half dozen among the 3 of us whereas for Mark, Danny and Dah Yun ate some other stuffs.

Mark ate Chicken Sandwich that cost RM7.50. Plus it was not fresh at all and hence the price was considered as freaking expensive. I can do such bread myself and will not cost more than RM3.
So moral of the story is that, do bring your own food before heading off to LCCT. Buy some breads or biscuits in the mini market in order to save money.

But if you are some rich bastards, then there's no need for you to bother my tips above. HAHA!

It was super tiring and boring to wait aimlessly in LCCT in such hour.
Some of us occupied ourselves by playing iPad games while some decided to sleep.
As for me I couldn't sleep in such an uncomfortable position. So I stayed awake the whole night.

I looked very sleepy in the picture above. However I still look cute in it. Hah!

Went to McD at 5.30am for breakfast. I felt hungry again at that hour. Ohmaigawd. That is not a good sign.
Mark and I had the breakfast set but only the BURGER because if we took the set meal which included the drinks, it cost RM10 per meal.
Madness.. You can get that for only RM4+ in normal McD okay T___________________T
So by getting the burger only, it cost us RM5 each.
hahaha I know I sounded so poor and cheapskate right.

Our flight departed at 6.55am and we reached Penang airport at 7.45am and then we took 2 taxi to our Super 8 Hotel. The distance was about 20 to 25 minutes away and each taxi cost RM45.
Why so expensive? Basically most of my money was spent on transportation in Penang.
How I wished there's someone in Penang who can take us around for free.

Anyway, we reached our Hotel around 8.30am and we can only checked in into one of the rooms first instead of two. Supposedly, we can only check in at 2pm. However all of us were too tired and hence we tried our luck to check in earlier. Thank God there's at least one room for us. As for the second room, we have to wait until 12pm.

Camwhoring at the Lobby

My poor boy dying.

Danny trying to do planking. -______- its not even close to one.

Here's some shots of the room.
There were 2 Queen size bed inside.
And most importantly they have a full length mirror.

Everything is so brand new. We were very lucky for such a satisfying accommodation. Guess what? It only cost RM70+ a night since it was on promotion. However the price was included together with our flight ticket. Overall I am happy with my room.

So all 6 of us crashed into one room and started taking a nap except for poor KM. Because there weren't enough space for him to sleep. haha!

And I managed to take KM's sexy body photo.
Please don't get horny alright ladies. hahahahahaa!

So sorry for posting this picture without your permission. Please don't hate me. Cause you'll love me one day for helping you (in the sense of promoting you).

PS: you still owe me Haagen-Dazs ;)

The 5 of us were busy sleeping except for the lonely boy. Awww so sad for him. I slept for an hour and then Mark and I decided to accompany KM for breakfast. We went out to search for food by the hawker stall but unfortunately most of it were either closed or non-halal. So we tried walking further and we spotted 1st Avenue shopping mall just around the corner.

I love this picture with plate numbers.

Had breakfast in the Food Court since it was only 10am plus. We were deceived by the menu. The pictures look very tasty but the outcome was pretty saddening.

Chicken Dumpling RM 5.90 

 Spotted Charles & Keith in Penang. Why don't they have one in Melaka? :(

 Since Penang is well known for foods. So it's time to eat a lot there. Later on we went to Spring Desserts. The color of the shop attracts my attention. They sell pretty cupcakes and I wanted to try it, so I drag the guys along.

RM3.90 per piece

The owner of the shop was very kind, friendly and helpful. He told us about the shutter bus service which can take us around KOMTAR area for FREE. Thanks a lot :)

Once we were done eating our cupcakes, we headed back to the Hotel. Walking!
By the time we got back, it was around 12pm and so we were given our second room.
Since the 3 of them were still sleeping, so the 3 of us decided to sleep in the second room temporarily before switching rooms.

Had a short nap for 2 hours when suddenly Nicole called me -_________- asking me where am I.
hahahaha. After so long, she finally awake. And when she was awake, she started 'bising' telling me that we should not waste our time sleeping. Wtf! Just because she had enough sleep already, never think about others. Cish!!! hahahaha.

I'm going to continue the second part next time. It's 12am plus now and I am having 8am class later. Gotta sleep now. Till then.

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