Saturday, June 28, 2014

Malaysia - Melaka (A'Famosa)

Malacca or Melaka is well known for being a historical city.
This state is blooming with tourists and the building constructions are growing rapid fast like mushrooms.

A'Famosa is one of the attractions for those who come visit Melaka.
It is located at Alor Gajah, roughly about 70 to 90 minutes drive from Melaka city.

This place consist of three different attractions namely :-
1) Safari Wonderland
2) Water Theme Park
3) Old West

My trip this time was fully sponsored by Samsung's Company.
It's not like I am working from Samsung, but thanks to my friend who actually works there. She got an extra ticket for 'Family Day Event' thingy.
I am just a freeloader :P
Free stuff/food/tickets memang terbaik!

Anyway, this is my third time to A'Famosa.

Welcome to A'Famosa.

Our tickets which covered Safari Wonderland and Water Theme Park including a buffet lunch.

Prices are as stated above. Our package was RM75 since it was during the weekends.

For further information, click the link below.

With the hipsters of the day.

Truth to be told, I am not a big fan of watching animals.
The smell is so terrible TT___TT

Show times.



Okay this is lame.
More pictures with lesser description.
I should just shut up. lol

Epic photo.

Me: Everybody look here (referring to the camera)
Everybody: *stares camera* except for Sher Lyn.

She kept saying where where where??

hahahahaah!! Speechless.

Playboy bunnies making out in public. Tsk tskk...


We had fun feeding the pony with some carrots.
RM5 for a small bag of sliced carrots.
Such a rip off :(


Perfect selfie with a bulky semi-D camera.
I am just pro like that *proud*

Colours of the Birds show.

Just hold RM10 and the parrot will fly to you to collect the money.
They do make a lot out of these smart creatures.

Photo session with the mighty eagle.
Another RM10 for that lol.

Slim sexy flamingos at the background.
Yes they are real all right.

Painted by the parrots, they say.

I was dehydrated throughout the entire trip.
After the Safari, we had our lunch and continue to play water!
Basically only Chiew and Albert were enjoying themselves with the rides.


What is a vacation if there's no pattern-pattern photos?
hahahaha pattern je banyak.

Last but not least - shadow shot to complete the book of memories.

Due to the blazing hot weather, I wasn't feeling that well.
Had a super bad migraine which is such a major disastrous.

To make things worst, we wanted to have something cold and chilling to cool ourselves down, so we decided to head to the nearest place for some ABC or ice cream.

Maka pergilah ke Tampin.

Wasted our time there because there's no cafe's with air-condition operating at that hour.
All we found was only coffee shops without air-condition.
So we decided to go back melaka.

What a bummer!

Ended up in this Thong Shui House in Cheng.

Finally! Desserts to chill us down.

The end.

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