Sunday, June 15, 2014

A year older and wiser.

It's the mid of June now. Please slow down a lil' world.
Too many things to do and yet so little time left.
Just before I know it, most of my friends are in the midst of building up a family. *gulps*
Yes! It is so scary okay! I find it rather hard to believe that I am already at this stage of life where you are so called 'ready to start a family and START REPRODUCING!'

Whenever I opened my facebook page I'll see either a newly-wed photographs or a newborn baby photos or in the pregnancy stage selfies. #stress

It feels like only yesterday when I just finished my SPM.


Let me rewind back to the month of May. The month which i love the most since it's my birthday month lol.

Firstly, the anak nyonya came back Melaka for some catching up.
Went to watch Spiderman together-gether.
And I finally tried the not-so-newly-open coffee shop - Pacific Coffee.
The drinks are not up to my expectation.
As for the environment, i would say it was quite okay to chill.

Pot Pet Session :P


Secondly, yet another friend of mine who just got married. See told you!
Hence the lovely coursemate ladies came down Melaka to attend the wedding.
Unfortunately I couldn't make it due to.... what else if it is non other than work related. #sigh
However I was grateful that the girls spare some time just to meet me up for awhile.

Having waffle after the Wedding Luncheon.

HAHAHAHA! Busy ambil gambar je la ni sampai tak makan kenyang pun. LOL!

With the Kuching siblings. They don't look like siblings at all hor?

Thirdly, I had a date with my sweetheart.
Basically what we did was talking, eating, camwhoring and more camwhoring.


Next was my big surprise from the boyfie.
Ever since our Cambodia trip back in March, I've asked him numerous times whether he's coming back on May for my birthday. He kept telling me he's unsure and most probably not.
I was quite upset for 2 months!

Without putting any expectation, 2 days before my birthday, this sleazy cinapek gave me a surprise by popping outside of my office with his muka-mahu-kena-penumbuk-from-me.

Apparently, he bought his flight ticket way back then.
Awwww thanks a lot baby boo!
Thanks for making me disappointed for two bloody months!

Had dinner at Sakae Sushi.


Dinner at Ole Barista. A newly open cafe at Kota Laksamana.

Our delicious Caramel Macchiato.

On top of my boyfriend's appearance at my doorstep, Photobook decided to show up on the same date with my purchase. How cool is that?

I bought the 200pcs from Groupon. The quality is quite good. 
And it cost only RM50 including postage (for Peninsular Malaysia).
That is like half the original price. Super damn worth it!
Can't wait to purchase again if there's more good deals on it.


On my 25th Birthday (omg i feel so old now), I had a simple celebration with my loved ones.
First, I had lunch with the boyfie at Zebra Cafe whereby their theme is, just like the name - Zebra.

The menu was without picture and I ended up ordering something that looks like this.

It's my birthday but first let me take a selfie. #vain

Next was the compulsory candle blowing time!
A birthday is not complete without a cake they say.
We went to another location which was located by Jonker.
There's this newly open bakery shop by the river bank of Melaka.

With my favorite Chocolate Indulgence cake. *slurps*

The view from our table. Such a beautiful view. Except for the rubbish floating by the river.
Potong stim!


Had dinner at Seafarer with my family and the boyfie.

One of my Birthday present from him.
Thanks Honey.


What is the other one thing that makes you happy besides receiving gifts?Well for me, it's when I get FREE FOOD!

I am a very simple girl and very easy to be pleased.
Just buy me Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs ice cream, and I'll shut my mouth and adore you like a little puppy.

See. Simple. Right?

Lunch at Secret Recipe. Extra delicious especially when it is FOC.

Camwhoring with my colleague while waiting for food.
I think I'm starting to influence her with all this camwhoring nonsense.


A one day trip to KL.
Main purpose was to get my robe and bib.
Finally decided to get one for myself after almost a year (from my long call).

After that we headed to Pavillion for a super late lunch / early dinner around 5pm at Tony Roma's.


My juicy ribeye steak.

After all those fattening dinner, we walked to KLCC just to buy the boyfie's manga at Kinokuniya.
Well, at least it helps me to burn some of those fats I consumed earlier.

And when we're about to leave for our next lepaking session, we got stuck for almost 40 minutes in Bukit Bintang area -_____-

By the time we reached One City Sky Park it was already 9pm.
Nicole recommended us this Inaho Sushi Restaurant for second round of dinner.

We took the side corner table for the 'spectacular view of the highway' hahahaha!

Mark and Amirul

Nicole and I

The highway view.

One City Sky Park is known for their transparent glass floor.

It's quite scary to actually walk while looking down.
The 1001 question of 'What If' runs through your mind.
What if the construction is not strong enough.
What if I actually fall while walking.
What is the feeling like to fall and die here.


Despite all the What If's, selfie is a must!

Forced him to hold my phone while waiting for it to be charged.

One last coffee stop before heading back home.

Thanks for the fully sponsored breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and shopping expenses throughout the entire 12 days baby.

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