Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mini gathering - Steven and Presilia's Wedding

Last weekend was the day where most of our Uni friends came down melaka especially for Steven's wedding celebration.
It feels so good to meet up with old familiar faces.
Although the event lasted not more than 3 hours, it was sufficient enough for some short catching up session and photo session.
A day before his actual wedding, we were invited to his house for a buffet dinner.

Doing what we do best - camwhore.

 The BROS!

 The following day - desserts!

 Chilling out before the wedding dinner. 

Here are some pictures taken during the dinner.

 Group photo.

 NKC sudah K.O.
Just look at his shirt. heh.

Yen Siang was high as well. Adakah asked me to carry his leg?
Drunk until like that... hahahaha!

 Good looking guys in the house yo!

The happily ever after couples.
Congrats :)

Aih.. looking at the picture puts a big pressure on me.
Why la I'm still the shortest even after putting on the 4 inch high heels?

Right now I'm hoping to hear a good news from you in two months time Mr Steven.
Jia You! *fighting*

Friday, January 3, 2014

A day before 2014.

Happy New Year my dear readers.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2014 is the year of wood element horse.
So for those who are the earth snake might have some good fortune this year (according to Fengshui la)
*prays hard*

Call me naive.
But i do believe in Fengshui.

2013 has been a year full of memories.

1. Did my chambering.
2. Visited Krabi, Thailand.
3. Went for a road trip around the entire Peninsular Malaysia.
4. Went for an interview in Groupon.
5. Did a charity job for Unicef for a couple of days. lol.
6. Slacking and enjoying life after the end of chambering.
7. Started off with a new status as a Legal Assistant (accomplishment after sacrificing 6 bloody years).
8. Everything increases like nobody business (oh yeah happy gila dow!)
9. Expecting more for 2014 - cost of living is getting higher. wooohooo! *Excited*
10. Bersyukur. Negara masih aman. 

Met up with the babe on NYE for some catch up session.
We talked a lot especially about jobs, studies, future plans, world issues and vacations! 
Can't believe that 3 hours weren't enough at all.

Super delicious dinner but damn fattening. Guilty pleasure.

Had a second round with the secondary school friends in Casa De Cafe to countdown for 2014.

For the first time sher lyn asked to take a picture together. Normally she's very shy.
Her new year resolution kot? Which is to be more brave or to camwhore more often. Lol.

The reason for her bravery, well apparently I am the only one who knew what the real reason was. haha!
Ada udang sebalik mee soup.

The girls.

With her boyfriend - Andy.

It has been a tradition to play the true or dare game when you hang out with these bunch of people.
Thanks to Chiew. He's the master mind for all these nonsense.

First, take out the King card and if there are 10 players, take out 9 cards starting from number 1 to 9.
Shuffle all 1-9 cards together with the King (which makes it 10 cards in total) and then split it equally or picked it randomly.

The one who got the King is entitled to ask a question or to do a dare action.

I want number 4 with number 8 to kiss each other passionately. (The King does not know who is the owner of the numbers)
So that's all the fun is about. Mystery.

Here are some of the DARE acts that we have to do that night.

The three "lucky" guys who have to do the Gwiyomi. I actually recorded the entire thing but I am too lazy to convert it into a smaller size before uploading them into my blog. Time consuming!
Oh yea, I was the King for this round. LMAO!

Put tissues in both ears while biting on a lemon and take a picture of it.

A 10 second kiss. 
(hahaha didn't managed to take a picture of that. Damn!!)

Lick the toes (but later on, we felt it was pretty disgusting, so we've changed the rules to - kiss the knee for 10 seconds)

Give a love bite mark.
hahahahaa! Lucas first ever love bite. Poor wilson, his arm is now polluted with virus.

Suck the ears.
The picture was too blurry hence taaddaaa!

These are only some of the dares that we have to do.
There's also a 10 seconds french kiss. wtf!

Someone even suggested to bite one's armpit hair. hahahahaha!

Seriously! I had a great fun that night. We missed the fireworks, but who cares.

Once again, Happy New Year everyone.

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