Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mini gathering - Steven and Presilia's Wedding

Last weekend was the day where most of our Uni friends came down melaka especially for Steven's wedding celebration.
It feels so good to meet up with old familiar faces.
Although the event lasted not more than 3 hours, it was sufficient enough for some short catching up session and photo session.
A day before his actual wedding, we were invited to his house for a buffet dinner.

Doing what we do best - camwhore.

 The BROS!

 The following day - desserts!

 Chilling out before the wedding dinner. 

Here are some pictures taken during the dinner.

 Group photo.

 NKC sudah K.O.
Just look at his shirt. heh.

Yen Siang was high as well. Adakah asked me to carry his leg?
Drunk until like that... hahahaha!

 Good looking guys in the house yo!

The happily ever after couples.
Congrats :)

Aih.. looking at the picture puts a big pressure on me.
Why la I'm still the shortest even after putting on the 4 inch high heels?

Right now I'm hoping to hear a good news from you in two months time Mr Steven.
Jia You! *fighting*

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