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Taiwan - Taipei (Taipei 101, Wu Fen Pu, Shihlin Market)

Day 7 Part 4 - (23rd May 2012)

Taipei 101 is a must visit place.
Just for camwhoring purposes and not more than that of course.
The stuffs sold are all super expensive and luxurious.
It is just like the Singapore version of Orchard and Malaysia version of KLCC and Pavillion.
Everything inside consist of branded items.
A poor girl like me can only afford to walk around. SOBS!

But at least I've been there :)

That particular day was very windy.
I wanted to take several nice shots with the LOVE thingy but the wind kept blowing my hair and made me looked like one perempuan gila. T______T


Basically we did nothing there O_O
Loitering around like a lost soul, not knowing what to do or where to go since everything are super duper expensive.

Let's fast forward to my next destination which was WU FEN PU!!!
That's the way~
Ah hah ah hah~
I like it~

That place is more like ME!
Shopping paradise for every girls.
That place is 20 to 30 times bigger than Jonker Street in Malacca.
It consist of roughly about 1000 stalls selling clothes, shoes and jewelleries!!

The moment I set my food on the place, I went gugugaga!
Asked Mark how crazy I was that day.
I kept saying OMGOMGOMG the entire night.
I can't decide which shop to enter T_________T
Every shops seems attractive.
Full with clothes.
Oh God!

Thanks to that, I can't decide which shop to enter and ended up I wasted my time thinking which shop to enter rather than using my brain space to think of what to buy. FML can!

So ended up I only bought a dress, a skirt, a top and 3 Taiwan tees.
I felt like a big loser.

Anyway, the clothes there are cheap! Provided if you have enough time to search each and every single shop for good deals.
Because they were selling clothes for the price of 100 NT$ and 150 NT$.
I bought the chiffon skirt for only 150 NT$ and I saw the same exact one selling for at least RM30 above in Singapore and also in Malaysia.

Like I said, that place was a shopping paradise.
Unfortunately, most of the clothes that I liked cost about RM70 to RM100.

There are 2 places for you to shop for clothes. Which are Ximending and Wufenpu. But I suggest you to visit Wufenpu because most of the sellers from Ximending actually get their stocks from Wufenpu.

Make sure you visit on Tuesday to Sunday because every Monday, it is reserved for wholesalers.
They might not entertain you 'small fries' who only want to buy one or two pairs of clothes.
But of course you can still go there on Monday. Just that you might not get a good and proper service that you deserve.

After all the craziness in Wufenpu, we headed to Shihlin Market for dinner.
This is also A MUST VISIT place when you're in Taipei.
After shopping paradise, we need to look for food paradise. hehe.

I love this drink so much.
Have no idea what's it called.
If only I can get find them in Malacca.
Taste so damn good yaw!

I also tried their Oyster omelette which actually taste quite good despite the un-glam appearance. I hate food that is fully covered with chili or tomato ketchup. Ewww!

Next, we tried their famous Shihlin Crispy Chicken.
Their Franchise is called Hot Star.
You can now try it in Pavillion too. They have a branch there.
There's no need for you to fly all the way to Taipei just to get your hands on it.

 Look at the size of it. As big as my face. To be exact, big like my head!

Super delicious to the max!
Cost NT$ 55 only. Very cheap!

We continued exploring the market and SHOCKINGLY!!!!
We came across this Gayke stall.
I've saw this food in Facebook quite sometime ago where it's in a shape of penis.

Apa lagi? Sure la must try!
I didn't know that they sold it in Shihlin Market.
Lucky us for bumping into this stall :)

Can you spot Jacky from I Guess Guess Guess TV programme above? (the photo)
Well he seems to have visited this Gayke stall as well.
Horny Jacky :P

HAHAHA! So cute and obscene too.

I can't decided what flavour to choose. To be safe, chocolate is the best. But it spoiled the whole outlook of the gayke T______T
So black! Can't see the original shape liao. sobs

This Gayke is actually a pancake. Very fulfilling. I wanted to take an obscene picture with it but there were so many people passing by and they stared at me and giggled. Aiyoo so malu. hahaha!
Hence no funny picture of me with that Gayke. Just a proper picture.

Mark were laughing the entire time when he saw this food. haha.

After I bought it, I walked happily around the Market to look for more souvenirs with the boy. Then I overheard 2 guys conversation.

Guy 1: What is that thing she's holding? (asking Guy 2)
Guy 2: Ohh that is Gayke.

Of course they spoke in chinese.

OMG! Why must it be me? Why must he asked his friend what am I holding?
You called yourself as a Taiwanese and you were sitting in Shihlin Market and yet you don't know Gayke?
You gotta be kidding me man!
Plus pointing and asking something obvious in front of me. What does that made me feel. I shy you know.

After all the busy outing, we went to one of the best Hotel for our entire trip in Taiwan - Regent Hotel Taipei.
It's a five star hotel :)

 The receptionist area

The lobby area. So grand :) 

Dining area. 

 He smiled at me. hahaha! *shy*

1132 :)

 Our lovely room *hearts*

Switched on the Television to find out this lovely message. 

A welcoming message from the Hotel with my name on it. So cool lah!

Some snapshots of how our room looks like.
Loving it to the max :)

Comfy couch

Wooden closet

Amazing bathroom!

Place to shit. Their toilet have many buttons. God knows what each buttons are for.

Shower area

 Relaxing tub

 Freaking super ginormous full plus wide length mirror. O____________O
Me loike!!!

Such a lovely room of course comes with a lovely price too.
Our room was one of the cheapest one actually.
The Executive King size room

After tax, the room is about TWD 11,204 which means roughly about RM1200 a night.
The price will vary accordingly. Depends whether it is during a peak season or ordinary days.
I am sure that mine was during the non-peak season.

That was my last and final night in Taiwan.
There's a saying that goes 'save the best for the last'.
This hotel is indeed the best.

Just when you think I'm done with my Taiwan post. Hehehe!
Well of course not.
I still I have one last day to blog about.
Till then. Stay tune.
Goodbye peeps.


Lyn Lim said...

Hey Ruby,

Yi-Nyn here, from ITE CW ^^ Was researching about Taiwan for a project and I came across your blog HAHAHAHAHAHA what a surprise~!!!!! :PPP Just thought I'll say hi hehes~!!! :D Hope to cya in Singapore soon~!!!! :D

Yi-Nyn (;

ruby said...

hahaha!! OMG!!
Haiii Yi-Nyn :)
LOL! What a small internet world after all :P
I can't wait to visit Spore again and see u too!

AirHostessa said...

I just came across your blog while searching for thing to do in Taiwan... counting down the days till my departure! I can tell you're traveling a lot as well! Well done Gril, all the best!

Jhon Staphen said...

this is something wonderful Taipei 101, Wu Fen Pu, Shihlin Market. i am very impress about fashion of cloths brands and nice places for long trips. thanks so much to share this post.

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