Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Big Day - Heng dai vs Chi Mui (Andy + Sher Lyn)

This post is specially dedicated to the newly wed Sher Lyn and Andy.
Congratulations once more.

So let's rewind back to 11th April 2015.

Mei Liang and I woke up around 6am to accompany the bride for her make up and hairdo.
We departed around 7.15am for breakfast at a nearby kopitiam before heading off to Valentino Bridal Cafe.

The uncles at the kopitiam seems quite shocked to see Mei Liang and I in a striking red dress early in the morning. hahahahaha!
Hantu cina mana entah merayau pagi-pagi buta ni.

But first let us take a selfie.... while waiting for the bride.

Time for some make up!


At the groom's side of the story.....

The energetic Heng Dai

Enjoying without knowing what are the punishments games they will be facing.

Time to make their move.

Preparing for the battle of genders!

The chinese version of dulang girls.

Jeng jeng jeng~
Meet the bride.

The arrival of the groom.

Let the game begins.......

Round 1 - The Panties Man

It has been part of the tradition for the modern chinese society whereby the Ji Mui a.k.a the bride sisters to prepare a collection of games, or i called it as a collection of punishments to make the Heng Dai a.k.a groom's brothers to suffer legally before handing over the bride's hand to the groom.

Whoever created this idea should receive a trophy.

So, the first round was a simple game. It doesn't test the Heng Dai's physical strength at all!
It's not that hard to put on a sexy underwear right?

As simple as ABC.

There you go. 
I present you a group of macho men.

Awwww.... So sexy!

Round 2 - Money Money Money

The groom has to give red packet before entering the first stage / gate.
The game looks simple but the tricky part is when there is a specified amount of money that the groom needs to fulfill before entering.....

Luckily our head of Ji Mui is not the super extremist kind.
Imagine if we put the amount of RM999 in order to enter.

Congratulations. You've made through the first gate.

Round 3 - Yoga

There are 12 types of position and each of them need to choose one.
Stand in that position for 10 seconds and you will pass the test.

Okay that's funny!
This brilliant idea came from Mei Liang. Let's give her a big round of applause.

Round 4 - Balloon Popping

Before knowing what is the game about, each of them were given an option to choose one particular body parts such as:-

1) Elbow
2) Forehead
3) Ass
4) Ankle
5) Mouth / Lips
6) Cheek
7) Private parts? lol
8) Etc... can't recall.

Once they were done with that, then they were divided into a group of two.
Each will be given a balloon to blow and they need to pop the balloons together by using the body parts they have chosen. For example the first dude choose forehead and the partner choose ass, so they need to place the balloon on the forehead and burst it with the partner's ass.

There you go!

Sounds interesting right?

Yeap it is definitely interesting!

Unfortunately no actual photos will be uploaded.
If you're wondering how does the game looks like, well here's a picture I found from

Get the picture? :D

Round 5 - Create A Heart Shape Out Of Money

Yes! Money again....

Basically you need to form a big heart shape using RM10.
Unfortunately in this game, cheat code was used. RM1 and RM5 was used instead.

Okay la.... close one eye let you guys pass lahh.....

Round 6 - Dried Squid with Wasabi Eating

Just eat the dried squid which has a mixture of wasabi on it.
I wonder how does it taste like.
Kesian betul jadi heng dai.

Round 7 - Yumcha

Our talented Ji Mui prepared some special drinks which I myself have no freaking idea what are the contents. According to some of the heng dai, it actually taste good.

Hmmmm..... sure or not?

If that is the case, then good for you all. Hopefully no one gets diarrhoea after drinking it.

Round 8 - Love Confession

Every couples will have this game.

The groom needs to confess his love to the bride before the opening of the final door (bride's room door) lol.

The groom either need to sing a love song, shout the word I love you for God knows how many thousand times, or to utter the word I love you in various language.

So in our case, Andy needs to shout the magic word and booommmm! OPEN SESAMMMEEE!

Heng Dai vs Ji Mui


Tea Ceremony

Red Theme.

Proceed to take the bride back to groom's place.

Another round of tea ceremony.

You may kiss the bride.

Toast to the newly wed.

That's for morning-afternoon session.

What a day. Fuh!

After all the hectic morning, we headed back to our homestay for a short rest.

Next, we accompanied Sher Lyn for her night make up.

On the way to Valentino Bridal Cafe.

Her hairstyle for the night event.

Cake cutting ceremony.

Say cheese :)

 - The End -

I slept like a dead log that night. Woke up around 11am the next morning.

Did a short tour before shooting back to Melaka.

Brunch at one of Ipoh's popular chicken rice restaurant.

Steamed chicken is my favorite :)

Went and dabao salted chicken to bring back home.

Jalan-jalan cari makan.

Caramel Pudding.

Adios amigos. Until we meet again in the next 2 weeks.

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