Sunday, September 30, 2012


1. Lunch with my colleague in Arisan.

2.  Dinner with friends in Secret Garden

3.  Watched Resident Evil: Retribution

The movie was quite boring.
But the girls are hot.

Floral print dress with jeans and grey wedges.

After movie, the guys wanted to play Archery so badly.

Then we went to Nadeje for some light snack.
I'm craving for it right now :(

4. Hang out with old friends in Station One.

It has been a long time since I last met them.
Leong Shen came back Malaysia for a week or two (he's currently studying in Japan now).

We had a great talk. Teasing one another.

I miss doing that with my Uni friends :(

5. Watched How I spend my Summer Vacation.

The movie was actually quite good.
It's about life in a prison in Mexico. The best thing is that, the prison life is just like a normal town life except everyone inside are a bunch of criminals.

6. Ole Rasa and Pak Putra is our number ONE makan place. Had been eating there for the past 4 weeks. I'm glad that I have a bunch of familiar faces having lunch with me. 

Unpleasant trip

The first week of working life had been pretty hectic.
Especially with the procedures to be filed in order to be admit to the bar or whatever it is.

I think I am one of the slowest person ever in my batch to submit application forms.

I woke up at 4am+ just for this bullshit trip.
Departed around 6am and went McD for breakfast.
Reached Sg Besi tol around 7.20am and the traffic started to be heavy.
Thank God we're on time.

Arrived at the KL High Court at 8am sharp!
And we spent about 3 hours there.
Running up and down, left and right, up and down again and left and right. Repeating the same thing over and over again for 3 bloody hours.

Worst part was that the staffs who are in charge of checking our papers. The heck? Your job is just to check the papers and ordered us to go here and there and still being paid at least 2k a month. Just like that? Fuhhh! Government servants. Living their life in a bed of roses.

Once everything was settled there, we headed to the Bar Council.

After the Bar Council, we rushed to Putrajaya.
That place was beautiful and freaking HOT as well.
Global warming area.
That place was extra warmer than other areas.

I wonder how Amirul Izzat managed to survive there.

Before heading to the AG's Chambers, we lepak in Alamanda and had our lunch there.

 Fikry peeping into Marilyn Monroe's underwear.
tsk tsk. shame on you Fik.

 With my Mr Fatty bum-bum

 Parmesan @ RM 22.90

Fish n' Chips @ RM 27.90 

Sizz' Chicken with Cheese @ RM 31.90

Grilled Lamb @ RM 32.90 


Had a flat tyre while on our way back home.
FML to the maximum.

The source for our flat tyre. Grrr!

What a trip.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I've started my working life for a month now.
Wow! Can you see how fast time flies?
It has already been a month.
Cepat giler masa berlalu.

Apparently this is how my working spot looks like.
My desk! Just that the desk is currently not as clean as it seems in this picture.
This photo was taken during my first day of work. By now, my desk is a mess! Files piling up and I'm sure there's more files to come in the future.

Day one was shitty!
I know nuts and I felt so lost.
Felt depressed and down and as if the whole world is against me.
Little petty stuffs irritates me and made me emotional.
Hmmm must be the new environment that made me that way.

Proud to say that everything is fine by now and i'm adapting to this no-life life.

Quite happy to receive free ferrero and also a piece of Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe on the first day itself. The only thing that made my day. Owh and also not to mention free food fully sponsored by the firm as we have this Monday lunch concept/culture/practice.

Dine in Pak Putra and all of us looked as tired as hell.

Just when you thought that day two will run smoothly.
Nahh! Think again.
Day 2 onwards were even tiring because we were asked to join the Melaka Bar Committee by registering our names.
That's when 'hell' started.
Hell in the sense that we have to train almost everyday just for the annual dinner right after work.
Imagine how busy and tiring day I had to go through. Can you imagine? Faster imagine!

Basically that was my routine every weekdays.
1) Work
2) Dancing training
3) Go back sleep
4) Wake up
5) Repeating number 1 to 4 again and again.

This lasted for almost 3 weeks.
Hampir mati sudah. Nasib baik jiwa ku kuat.

Some of the days, we did our training in RH Studio.
Love the place because they have this big fat ass wide length mirror!

 Practicing their dance move :D

While some of the days, we just trained at the melaka bar.
Although it was tiring but honestly, I do enjoy it very much :)

Free Domino Pizza for us right after training :D


Weekends become so precious and important to me.
This is when I started to understand the true meaning of TGIF.

So weekends are reserved for the boyfriend, family or myself.
It's either dating day or sleeping day at home.
Gosh this is not the kind of life I dream off lor :(

Cuteness :D

Cute stickers with my name on it :D

Went to Kapitan, a baba nyonya restaurant for lunch with the boy.
Their food is quite good. Especially their cendol. Yum yum!


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