Friday, September 14, 2012

Lot 10

My second day in KL was quite fun.
Ying-Le's condo is just above Fahrenheit
shopping mall.
How convenient is that?
Super convenient lor!
Everyday will pass by the shopping mall.
Lots of temptations and seductions.

We had our brunch in Lot 10 Shopping Centre.
It was my first time there.

You can find various of food there.
They have Western, Northern, East, Southern food.
You name it!
Of course the price is also double the
normal price from a normal hawker stall.

I tried QQ Mua Chi because it comes
in a number of flavours.
So far I don't see it in Melaka.
In Melaka - Jonker, they only provide
one flavour.
Plus, according to Ying-Le it taste good.
So the greedy me bought the Family Set.

I choose Black Sesame, Pandan, Green Tea and Mango flavour for the price of RM7.60
which I think is quite cheap la for this one.

Next, I spotted a stall called
Yummy II which sells
Penang Char Kuey Teow.
I was craving for it since the last time
I came back from Penang which was about more 
than half a year ago.

So the moment I saw that menu, I
instantly ordered it despite the fact that
the price is so babi mahal! Babi pun tak semahal tu.

The portion is super tiny! For those who knows me,
 I'm actually a small eater.
And to me the portion is seriously tiny.
Pinggan je besar macam gajah!
The price was RM10.40 per plate.
But the taste was as good as the one I had
in Penang, so I think it's worth it.

The time I went to Penang, it cost about RM5.50
and I complained to Nicole telling her
that it's quite expensive.

Aiyoo... normal char kuey teow usually cost
only about RM3.50 to 4.50 per plate only ler.

Soya ice with coco-crunch & red beans topping @ RM9+

Curry Mee

After brunch, the girl bring me to Starhill.
I didn't know that mall was GODDESS
SHOPPING MALL! (when I told Mark I went there,
he was shocked and his eyeballs almost tercabut) hahaha!

The place was totally empty!
It's only suitable for super fuking rich high class
people to shop there.
I wore normal tee with jeans and dengan selambanya masuk
the mall.
No wonder the guard stared at me one kind.

The things there cost at least few
 thousands to hundred thousands ringgit.
I saw one plain necklace with a tie shape that
cost RM80,000.00
Bapak hang!
Not say nice also la. So expensive 
what for? Crazy!

But I did managed to take a shot of the place :P
Jakun to the max lah katakan.


And of course we went out empty handed lah!
With proud face lagi tu. lol.

Met up with the boy in the afternoon
and we went to Carls Jr.

We walked all the way from Pavilion to KLCC
using the link bridge.
Took us about 10 to 15 minutes to get there.

The life in KL is so happening.
And hectic as well.

We had our dinner in Sushi Zanmai.
Wanted to try it out long time ago
but most of the time, the place was damn packed.
Luckily it wasn't full house the other day.

RM 6.80

RM 6.80

Kakiage Don @ RM 10.80

RM 3.80

The food in Sushi Zanmai is delicious and also
the cheapest among all of the Sushi Restaurant
that I've tried so far.

I bought Garrett popcorn before heading back
to Melaka so that we can munch on it
while driving.
I seriously hope someone is willing
to open a franchise in Melaka.
GSC popcorn really sucks balls!

Comic Freak!!!

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