Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Q's 21st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Q

Yesterday was Q's 21st birthday. Therefore we had a BBQ party at lyn's place.
Before that we were having class in the morning. Get to know this Jason guy and he's a funny-ass guy. We talked about clowns, bapoks, horror movies and etc. From Melaka to Thailand, Thailand to London, London back to Tawau. Our stories travel along the whole world. This shows how 'dahsyat' our chat was :D

Then after class we (zefen, me, lyn, shad and kai choy) went to Tesco hypermarket to get the BBQ stuffs.

Shad can be a good husband wei. Mainly because he can dares to approach the prawns and squids and he is also not afraid of the market smell. Unlike kai choy as u can see from the picture above, he was closing his nose all the way long.

We agreed to meet up at lyn's place at 5pm. I reached there about 5.20pm knowing that this is MALAYSIA. The rest reached there about 6pm =.= lagi teruk macam sial. Ended up i have to wait for everyone else there all by myself coz lyn went to fetch Q and zefen and owh Choon as well :P

Everyone started decorating except for me and hawe where we were busy taking pictures O.O
Owh saw the cute little card saying "Selamat Pengantin Baru" ?? HAHAHA that was given to Q by shad.

By the way in the picture above, i was not doing anything even though i was standing near the table. I was actually trying to get rid of the glitters from my hands =.=
Thanks to the banner T____T
You guys would be wondering what the heck irshad was doing right? HAHAHA he was actually sewing a flower to a head band.

Even though i did not contribute much in the setting up but I'm still the 2nd higher rank for the party ok T_____T and and and.... i took pretty pictures of the event too :D so I've done my part as the cute photographer *smiles widely*

Finally, the long waited moment has come. The main character has finally reached the party location without knowing that we threw a Birthday Party Surprise for her. She was blind folded all the way from her place to Lyn's place :D

Just let the photos do the talking shall we?

Prize giving ceremony as well as camwhoring session time :D WOOHOOO my favourite moment LOL

As for the eating part, i think i have done a very good job by eating 3 pieces of chicken :D
What a BIG achievement WOOOHOOO~~
After done eating, honestly i got little bored since there's no one to talk to except for Irshad coz the rest were busy talking about ghost stories which of course i don't want to know or hear o.O

But after like 10 mins, this Stanley came and complained that it's pretty quiet and he needs some entertainment. Therefore he on his stereo from his kancil and later on the place sounded like a open air club. HAHAHAHA he really did entertained me. Then hawe and Stanley dance at the middle of the compound with their WTF break dance style yang amat memalukan semua species di muka bumi ini. If lah a break dancer saw the way they dance, surely they kena belasah kao kao. Bawa disgrace towards break dancers only.

HAHA the funny part was when the gays attempting to do jump shot =.=
Just take a look below. Looks like a retard. Oh wait, i forgot that they are memang retards :D

There are plenty more pictures which I'm too lazy to show. Plus most of them are still with hawe T_____T and i havent get all the pics from him. He did most of the photo taking part. My digicam rested almost the whole day. Aiya got DSLR, we must make full use of it mah right? Why la wanna use a digicam when there's a SLR.

Later at night, we had a Truth or Dare game and seriously the questions were damn scary hahahaha. However it was fun :D
Overall the party was a success..

Till then.

ps: another busy day waiting for me tomoro. Going to be in campus from 8am to 10pm.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Iimk's 21st Birthday

I'm having a hard time to wake up at 6am today. Felt like sleeping and skipping class.
Class was normal as usual. After 10am, we (mark, lynette and I) decided to visit the High Court to hear a proceeding, however none started at that hour except for one in the session's court whereby it was hled half way through. Of course we only lasted there like 5 minutes because we have no idea what the heck the case was about. There's no case list at the bulletin board at all.

All that i knew was the Public Prosecutor don't sounds professional O.O
I thought they are supposed to be damn ganas and scary whenever they are throwing questions to the witnesses, no?

This P.O voice damn soft and when he wants to read the charges, he kept pausing while flipping the documents.
So after listening about 5mins to the boring case, we decided to leave. Went to Secret Recipe for a light snack at 11am.


Had a small Birthday celebration at Klebang yesterday due to Iimk's 21st Birthday. I assume that they decided to do in Klebang because it's near to my place. Aww so thoughtful of you guys :)

The food and also guys preparing for BBQ. I mean guys only (just look at the pic above. Mark could not be found doing anything). Therefore Mark's a girl :)

Pictures taken with Birthday Girl


Took lotsa pictures and in order to post almost all of them inside my blog, i have to compile all into one big-ass picture size in order to save my time from waiting the snail-net from uploading them one by one in my blog.

All this while we thought Amirul is super retarded to the max, however Steven is more retarded than him. hahahaha.

The 4 HAPPY COUPLES. Awww so sweet. Hmm wait!! What's with couple number 4? O_O

LOL! They trying to carry Andrew. Mirul and David are trying to prove that all the gym-thingy does work and made them stronger.

Had a great fun and i sweat a lot too. Since i'm wearing a dress, i dare not do all those brutal actions :P
This is why all my pics during the party looked so decent and cute LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

After that we went to Mini Pantai for a drink. Steven requested the singer to sing a Happy Birthday song to Iimk. hehehe Iimk felt so shy and i can see her blushing over there. LOL

Overall i had a great time. I hope u enjoyed your 21st Birthday Iimk :)
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