Friday, July 27, 2012

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh/Saigon (Chu Chi Tunnel)

Day 2 - (4th July 2012)

We had our breakfast early in the morning before leaving to Chu Chi Tunnel.

We departed at 8.45am and the journey from our hotel to Chu Chi Tunnel took roughly about 2 hours ride.
It's quite far from town area.
Most of us were sleeping while we were on our way there.

Half way through our destination, we had a toilet break in one of the handcrafts factory.
Oh boy!
That place was an eye-candy!
Damn a lot of foreigners stopped there. Super a lot of good looking mat salleh dudes you know.
Instead of looking at how those people create those fantastic crafts, I observed the guys.

Those ang moh guys look like ala-ala Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and all those good looking ones.
How can I not look at them la?
Slurps :P

Okay back to main topic.
Here are some pictures of the workers creating beautiful artwork by using EGG SHELLS!!!

100% made with egg shells.
Super nice right? 

After the short toilet break, we resumed our journey.
Here's a short history on Chu Chi Tunnel.

Chu Chi Tunnel were used as a hiding spots during combat back in the older days. The tunnel size were specially built for Asian size. To be more precise, the tunnel size were built to fit those Viet Cong.
As you all know, Asian people compared to Westerners are totally different when it comes to physical appearances. Asian are smaller and petite while Westerners are bigger and taller.

This tunnel was built for the war against American forces.

If you are tall and big in size, you may face some difficulties to go through the tunnel.

The students were divided into 4 groups and each group consisted of 5 members.
Every 2 groups will play different games and then they will rotate.

We had The Hula Challenge game and also The Tunnel Race and Dare.
I was in charged of the Tunnel Race.

Tunnel Race

Instructing them to enter accordingly.
I looked like shit that day. Not going to post any front shot of myself :P

The tunnel was fun. You have to crawl and jump in order to reach the exit. Only one person at a time can fit in the tunnel.

The Hula Challenge 

The students built their base as strong as possible.

Defending team got wet trying to protect their base from being
 destroyed by water bombs from the attacking team.

Besides that, some of them managed to try gun shooting.
Of course it's not free.
The price is quite expensive.
And yes, you will be given a real riffle and bullets.
Not just any random toy gun okay!

Real bullets

After all those tiring games, we drove another 2 hours all the way back to our hotel.
Then, they had a demonstration on how to prepare one of the Vietnamese cooking culture.
Can't remember what was it called already.

The outcome. Something like transparent popiah :D

After refreshment, we had dinner in Lion City Restaurant.
Which was located right beside our hotel only.
Super near :D

That night after everything was done, I went to the night market around 11pm+ with my partner.
The stuffs there are quite cheap if you're good in haggling :)

However, that night was a bit shocking for me because there was a random lady who hit my chest out of sudden -____________- and just walked off.
The fuck?
My chest anyhow give you hit ah? Kanasai! Slap you one time only know!

At first I thought she wanted to sell something but it seems that she's not selling anything O__O
I just hope that she won't cast any black spells on me.

I'm just an innocent tourist wei.
Tak pasal-pasal mati due to unidentified sickness/disease.
*touch wood*

Luckily I managed to buy few stuffs in that night market.
Overall day two was a fun day for me.
Fun and tiring day of course.


Reuben said...

Jie, don't worry la. nothing will happen to you.

ruby said...

Reuben: I hope so lor >.<

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