Sunday, November 6, 2011

Penang Day Two (Part 1)

Day 2 in Penang was much better compared to Day 1 since we hired someone to bring us around Penang. It cost us RM300 for an eight hours of service.

I woke up at 8am to prepare but all of them were still sleeping like a pig. We started to depart around 10am.
The man brought us to New World Park for breakfast.

Here's what he had for our breakfast ;)

Wan Tan Mee RM 3.50

Asam Laksa RM 5.40 (not the best asam laksa)

Fried Fish Meat Noodble RM 5 (this is nice)

Sizzling Pan Mee RM 5 (the worst one ever) (i wonder who so stupid ordered this haha)

Popiah RM 3 (different from the one I usually had)

Pancake with banana RM 3.50 

Once we were done having our breakfast, the man brought us to the North Area of Penang first. The North Area consist of Batu Feringgi, Floating Mosque, Tropical Spice Garden, Toy Museum, Penang Butterfly Farm, Teluk Pahang Dam and not to forget the Gurney Plaza.

Some random shots along the way heading to North Area.

This view looks alike the beach in Pantai Puteri Melaka.

Plaza Gurney Mall :D

 The Floating Mosque

Along Batu Feringgi

 Hard Rock Cafe!!! Didn't have the chance to go there :(

Teluk Bahang Dam

After all the sight-seeing, we went to the Butterfly Farm. I thought it will be just like the one in Melaka where there's not many butterflies at all. But I was proven wrong. The moment you stepped inside, it was filled with butterflies.. Gorgeous!

The entrance fee was RM 18 since it was recommended by a tour guide. If not it will cost even higher.

More pictures right ahead.

Look at the amounts of pupa.

Ewww gross...

Look! Look!!! Nicole's SOUL MATE *hearts*
I'm happy for you Nicole. You finally found THE ONE. hehehehehe

Dah Yun's face really damn annoying. Almost every camwhoring shots I had, for sure his face will be in it 

It's not easy to get a butterfly on your hand. Lucky Danny. Mark tried many times but failed. Too bad sayang. You ain't sweet enough. hehehe.

That's the end for Outdoor activities in Butterfly Farm. Now let us head into the Indoor of the Butterfly Farm.

The caterpillar surely does look like Danny :)

A touch screen plasma where it provides you information of the insects.






Just look at the amount of colorful butterflies. How lovely.

Our next destination was to stop by Batu Feringgi beach for Para sailing activity. Yatta!!

I love the beach. Luckily I wore my flip flops that day. Didn't expect to visit the beach and didn't even expect to ride on Para sailing. One hell of an experience. Super duper worth it. You guys should try it as well. The view was fantastic and it was breathtaking.

Wanted to write Penang but somehow got distracted by somebody and some misspelling took place.

A jump shot is a must when you are at the beach. Tehheee :)

So Danny and Mark negotiated with them to give us discount for Para Sailing. The original price was RM100 per person. But later on he gave us RM80. We insisted for a lower price and ended up got RM60 each. Wanted to bargain up to RM50, unfortunately no luck for that. Oh well, that means RM 360 in total for 6 people.

We were divided into 3 groups as we took the pairing Para sailing instead of the solo one.
Mark and I were the first group to set sail, whereas Danny and Dah Yun were the second group and lastly were Nicole and KM.

We used 'oh peng' to decide which group go first. WTF! Childish max. Thanks to Dah Yun la. Everything 'oh peng' gila.

Preparing by equipping ourselves up *excited*

 The guy explaining to us what we should do for the activity.

Fly away~

Bon Voyage!

It was once in a lifetime experience. I enjoyed doing it so much. We were at least 20 floor high. It's pretty scary when it was about to take off. Gave you a little chills in your stomach. But hey, this is not as scary as the Cylon roller coaster in Singapore Universal Studio. Therefore I can handle it. The breeze of the wind and the view of the crystal clear sea was remarkably awesome. No words best describe how I felt. Plus it is romantic in a way as well. hehehe.

Just look at KM. Where ever he goes, he's carrying my cute purple handbag. The second picture you looked sissy lah. Please be more masculine can or not? :D

For all I know Dah Yun told us, Danny was shivering all the way up there. hahaha poor Danny.

As for Nicole, I heard her screaming before departing and when they were already flying. tsk tsk
Poor KM, his view was full with Nicole's flying hair. hahaha. Your RM 60 worth a lot wei :P

All of us had some coconut to chill down for a little.
It is the best drink ever to quench your thirst on a sunny day.

RM 5 per coconut.

That's all for Part 1 Day Two. Shall continue with Part 2 of Day Two when I'm free.
Hope you enjoy the post, as I am enjoying myself blogging it.

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