Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friends.Hangout.Movies.Food.Birthday Surprise.

Friday (4/11/11)

Wanted to watch In Time last Friday. Unfortunately it was only available after 7pm. So the four of us (Mark, Mirul, Fik and I) watched Tower Heist instead. Felt quite disappointed because somebody *stares at Nicole* FFK us.

Went to Hot & Roll for some light snack.

I've always wanted to try Justberry drinks a.k.a previously known as Pinkberry. Finally after a month, I tried it :)

I tried the Cocomango and it was good. They used fresh fruits and it is really healthier than drinking those milk tea. Just that the price is slightly a little bit higher than the normal bubble milk tea. For those who got bored with the same old drink can probably try this for a change. Taste Good and healthier at the same time :)

Oh yea, remember about the FFK incident by i-dont-mention-name. We bumped into them in DP and they watched the same movie with us and also at the same time. Awwwwww.......
Mampos lo Nicole!!!
*evil snares*


Not the movie but the people :P

After the movie ended, the 8 of us went to the newly open Disco Skating Ring in Dataran.
RM15 per entrance for students. They are having promotion up to this Friday only if I'm not mistaken and there won't be any student price no more. It will be RM25 once the promotion ends.

Please do bring your socks along or you'll have to pay extra RM3 for the socks.

We started skating around 7.20pm up to 9pm.

Oh dear! I was wearing skirt and that was my first time roller skating. Each time I fell, I need to fell gracefully so that no paparazzi peep underneath that skirt of mine. HAHAHA!!

Damn troublesome okay. Dah la I don't know to skate. When I want to fall also need to think of a way on how to land on the floor nicely. WTF!!!

I was so happy because the time we went there, it was totally empty. The whole rink was occupied by the 8 of us. I felt more secure that way because no one will look at me when I fall. hahahaha
Eventually later on, more people started to join -_____-

I have to spend extra RM3 for their long socks T____________T
But got the Japanese student feel or not?
hahaha long socks.
Just that it's not long enough up to the knee length.

hehe caught a picture of Nicole who fell down. I fell twice on the butt that day. Very hurtful okay.
After an hour, I gave up. I can't skate no more. My hands were so tired. You must be wondering why the hell my hands got tired right? That's because I used both my hands to support my body weight throughout the entire hour. hahahaha!!!
Was too afraid of falling down.

I know I'm a loser. boo!
Anyway it was a good experience :)

Then we went to the Arcade. The guys were playing this boxing thingy.


Lol you looked like a small kid la Mark :P





Very funny lor. All of their faces after being hit was so ugly and deformed. Here's an example.
The one and only picture I managed to take.
OMG it's KM.
Hideous. hahaha!

Face become so ugly liao, still wants to give people money. tsk tsk!

After game, we departed ways. The four of us went to Haagen Dazs since I insisted to *big wide smiles*

RM40 (including tax and service charge)

Super love the ice cream. Especially the red and yellow color. Can't remember what flavor was it.
Feels like heaven when it melts into your mouth.

Then we headed to Jonker for dinner.

I saw this cute drinks selling in glass bottle. So old school. It's not easy to find these nowadays.

Heh still remember Fanta soda? I think people used to drink that before the existence of F&N
This sure brings back memory.

The price was quite expensive compared to the one you can get in plastic bottle. RM 3 per bottle wei. Plus the size of the glass bottle wasn't that big. I should have kept the bottle instead of throwing it in the dustbin.

Saturday (5/11/11)

Went for dinner with my family at night and headed to Jonker. Bought 2 new rings from Jonker. A head skull and a scorpion ring. Love it so much. Plus I bought some Melaka magnets. Duh! I am collecting magnets from other places but then I don't have any from Melaka. How could this possibly be?

Went to catch In Time at 9.30pm together with the gang.
Love the story line. Just that, luckily this is not the world we are living in.

Sunday (6/11/11)

My Pocket Maintenance Day

Monday (7/11/11)

Went for a gathering with my secondary school friends.
Killing two birds with one stone.
It was a combination of gathering as well as a birthday surprise for Mei Liang's 22nd.

Went to watch Don't be afraid of the Dark.

I hate horror movie. But this horror movie is plain stupid! Not that scary but very stupid indeed. I hate the ending part. Waste my precious time and money watching it.
I was expecting it to be terrified, so I covered my eyes and ears for all possible times but ended up I wasn't even frighten a single bit. Duh!

Went to a udon mee restaurant located opposite of Simply Fish. It was nearby the Korean restaurants. It was my first time there. The environment was so-so but the soup was so damn good.

I ordered pork noodle but the pork was sliced in a big pieces. Therefore it taste pretty bad. They should have sliced them into a smaller pieces.

Pork Noodle RM 6.9

The Gay Wilson

Adrian and Poh Huat

After dinner we went to GogoKTV.
Since it was a birthday surprise, I decided to join though I hate karaoke.
That is just not my liking.

Bought her Secret Recipe cake.
Honest speaking, I only like the upper part of the cake. The bottom one taste like shit. hahaha :P

I wonder who the hell choose this cake.

A handmade 3D birthday card by Sher Lyn. Have to give her extra credit for the creativity and also another extra credit for the hard work. *thumbs up*

Hope you love the Smurfs and also Wang Lee Hom latest album. Your wish has been fulfilled. He is your husband now. At least in your dreams, it does came true :)

My lovely skull ring *hearts*

Tuesday (8/11/11)

Had breakfast with Ying Le before class started in Old Town.
New hangout place for those who live in Bukit Beruang area. The place is developing so fast right now.
Congratulation Melaka. You are progressing. Good work.

Skipped the night class and went to Sushi King for dinner instead. It was a wise decision. hehe

Tori Kushiage RM5.9 delicious!

Tori Karaage. My favorite

Gyu Tama

Spicy Egg Curry. Lovin' it

Agedashi Tofu RM4.9

I feel so blessed for being able to eat good food almost every single day.
Do not be surprised if I transform into a fat lady one day :x

Wednesday (9/11/11)

Had an hour replacement tutorial class today.
Potong stim :(

Followed Mark to town to settle his water bill. hahaha. Then we drove all the way to Dataran just to take away 2 cups of JustBerry Mango Tango series of drinks.

This time I had Sweetie Strawberrys which cost RM7.

While Mark had Mango Sunnymangmelon RM6.5
What a complicated name o.o

Then we rushed back to campus because I had a date with Tsin Yin in Mum's Cottage Cafe and Bistro. It is a newly open cafe right beside the hair saloon opposite EP apartment.

The environment was not bad. Just that the place was pretty small and cramped. The price was quite affordable. I had homemade chicken chop for the price of RM6.9 only. Maybe for those who live around MMU and do not have any transportation, maybe you can try eating there.

Signing off,

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