Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh/Saigon (Mekong Delta)

Day 4 Part 2 - (6th July 2012)

We arrived at one of the villages by boat.

Went to the coconut candy factory to witness the process of making coconut candies.
I'm not a big fan of coconut, so I skipped the thought of buying any.
I prefer colorful candies that comes in pink especially :P
Much more cuter than coconut candy that comes in ugh..... brown. Boring color!

Wrapping up the candies 

Busy students grabbing candies for loved ones at home

Then, we went for a horse riding.
It was fun and super hot as well.
I became darker thanks to this Vietnam trip :)

The cute little pony.
The poor little fella that have to carry us along the village.
Awwww poor pony T___T
I can feel your burden.
Let me carry you instead next time :D

Camwhored with my little pony. Sooo cute!!!

The horse ride was about 8 to 10 minutes around the village.
We stopped right in front of this Chua Tan Long (no freaking idea what does it mean anyway).
I think it must be the name of that place.


You can play the FEED-THE-CROCS-GAME for only 100 dong per bait. (If not mistaken).
Super cheap but then if you are super lousy, within 2 seconds your bait will be in the croc's tummy.

It was fun to see them tempting the crocodiles with food.
You can see how fierce the crocs were fighting for the food.

After lunch, we relaxed for a little somewhere around there.
They provide hammocks for visitors to chill.

Then we took the boat again to proceed to another village.

Petrol station for boats :D

Arrival at the next village.


Honey with lime

And let the shopping begins!!!
Girls with bags.
Even the guys were busy buying bags. Not for themselves but for their mothers and sisters.
OMG how sweet is that right?

Of course yours truly bought a bag as well :D

Then we went for some light snack where there's a short singing performances by the Vietnamese ladies.
Once they were done with their performances, we had to give them tips.

Finally, we rode on a sampan back to our boat.
It was fun :)

After that, we headed back to Ho Chi Minh city.
During the night, the students had some games going on and more shopping to call it a day.

Here's what i bought for the entire trip.
Nothing much but still acceptable.
Bought some purses, a sling bag made from real animal skin, key chains and magnets, and also t-shirts!

And I only spent like RM160 for all those!
Quite a good deal.

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