Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taang Shifu

Went out with Miss Jess on Saturday.
She was working on that day.
Poor girl.
But we managed to hang out after her job ended.
The mall was pretty crowded especially
when Raya is just around the corner.

Lots of Malays busy buying clothes for
Raya, and quite a number of Chinese were
 also busy shopping. hahaha! 
Super penyibuk lah these Chinese people :P
I am one of them too *winks

Went to Taang Shifu for lunch.
It was my very first time there.
Had been aiming for this restaurant quite sometime
ago but too bad it was a non-halal restaurant.

We visited the Hatten Square's Taang Shifu branch which
was located right beside Haagen Dazs franchise.

The ambiance was quite pleasant although
it was pretty small.

 Dang Gui Stewed Pork with Rice @ RM 7.90

After lunch, we continued window shopping.
Wanted to get myself a new purse but
none of the brands caught my attention.
It's either not my cup of tea or it is too bloody expensive.
Sucks to have budget limit!

Bought a box of donuts before heading 
back home :)
Had been craving for sweet stuffs lately.

The cute babe surprised me by giving me
this Graduation Voodoo Doll key chain
as my graduation gift.
awwww so sweet *hearts*

We were shopping together and I told her how I wished
that someone would buy me gifts for
graduation. Then we went to this particular
shop and each of us bought something there.
I didn't expect that she would give it to me instead.
Why so romantic la?
I shy!

 My Graduation Voodoo Doll.

As for myself, I found this super cute shit!
The moment I saw it, it reminds me of Mark *shy*
Bought it instantly for him.
I hope you'll love it baby!
That's your graduation gift from me.
A cute shit :)

Hey it's not any ordinary shit okay!
It's a shit from Dr. Slump's comic.
Don't play play arrr!!

So when you combined both of them together.
You will get

 Graduation Shit

Okay super lame. 
kruu kruu kruuu~


The following day (Sunday), I went to Taang Shifu again.
Back to back!
But this time, I went to AEON's branch instead.
We went JJ at the wrong timing.
By the time we arrived, it was berbuka hour.
Everywhere was fully occupied.
We couldn't find a place to eat (fast food because we were rushing for movie) except for Taang Shifu
because it was a non-halal restaurant :P

We were served with our food in less than 5 minutes.
Super fast like mad!
Which is a good thing actually.


Xin Yi and I

 Scallops and Petite Abalone Mixed Rice @ RM 13.90

 Wet Tissue @ RM 2.0

Exploited! We don't want that bloody tissue.
So expensive. Wipe mouth one time RM 2 gone.
Luckily the one in Hatten's branch didn't give us any wet tissue.

Went to watch Hantu Gangster movie which was directed by
Namewee - the Malaysian notorious dude who once
being sued for insulting/modifying Negaraku song.

 Tradition - camwhoring

Hantu Gangster is quite a good movie.
Damn stupid and funny.
My favorite part of the movie was when the
Japanese conquered our land.
That particular dialogue was seriously stupid to the max!
I was laughing like mad in the cinema.
So for those who haven't watch it, please do so.

After movie, we had a nice chat in JCO 
until almost midnight before heading back home.

We should do this more often :D



Home-cooked Pasta *loves*

New five ringgit note

Mocha Crumble Ice Cream.

Pork Chop for supper!


Blueberry Muffin

It's easy to impress me.
Just tempt me with delicious food.

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