Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stand By Me

Last week, I went for groceries shopping again.
I think I started to love this solo shopping thingy.
It's quite fun to shop alone.

Practicing myself to be a good and
dedicated housewife for the future *ehem*
Haven't started chambering, think of marrying pula. wtf!


Camwhoring while stuck in traffic
 due to the Bazaar Ramadhan. 

People busy buying food for berbuka.
I pun sibuk want to ber-shopping.
Padan lah muka stuck in jam T___T

 One of the largest bazaar in Melaka
(opposite Melaka Central bus station)

Bought some milk, fresh juice, pasta sauce, 
oranges, raw chicken drumsticks,bread, 
snacks, biscuits, corns, and Vono mushroom soup.

Bought Chatime on the way back home :)

And I had a healthy breakfast almost everyday.
Err... okay I mean I had healthy 'brunch' everyday.
Because most of the time, I woke up rather late. 
Somewhere around 1 to 3pm.

One does not get the title of 'Sleeping Beauty' for no reason
okay! So now you know how I get it.
Oh and most of my friends called me Cinderella too!
Hahaha! Because I have to be back home by 12am
or else my dad is going to kill me (he's the evil stepmother).

Life is full with fake fairy tales.
Although I am the Sleeping beauty and the Cinderella,
I don't have any prince charming also T___T
Tipu punya!
All I have is a fat boyfriend :(


Went to campus to settle some stuffs.
Decided to make use of the Internet in campus.
Unfortunately, no computers for me to use :(

Then I went over to Nicole's place
just to hang out with her.

She cooked pasta as our lunch :D

And after lunch, we rushed to town to watch Step Up Revolution!

Girls and toilet -___-"
You can never separate us.
Best friends forever - mirror!

As for the movie. I love it so much!
I would rate 15 out of 10.
I am bias when it comes to movie
 that involves dancing.

Every single time when I watched these kind of movie,
I will tell myself, why the hell I never joined any dancing
classes before. I love dancing so much. 
But I only dance in my room when nobody else is looking.

Must watch movie!
Got hot chicks leh... Pervert guys out there,
make sure you watch it!!! lol

Another new book to entertain me :)

Till then ;)

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