Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello August!

Lynette came back Melaka last Saturday.
It has been quite some time since I hang out with her.

We used to hang out a lot back in Foundation and Beta.

We went to Plaza Mahkota's Nadeje.
It was my first time there.
This branch is way bigger and nicer than the one in Mahkota.

Karen, Jr and I actually spend about 5 minutes arguing on what's written on the board.

We said that the first line contradicts with the second line statement.
First they said No child/children
Then if you read the second line only, it says that Below 10th years old at this section.

Karen and I said that, conclusion means below 10 years old can enter.
JR with her smart-ass argument told us that we can't read it literally.



JR Monster

Eggs deco

Jr and Karen

Lovely environment :)

We had Mango Yogurt, Chocolate Banana and Cappuccino layer cakes.

Take 1 : Alamak! Jr's foot in the pic. Potong stim! lol

Take 2: Smile ;)

Love love love!

Le couple

Take 1

Take 2

I love this branch because their toilet sign looks UNIQUE!
Obscene betul.

We also went to Peringgit's Bazaar Ramadhan to be one of the busybody there.
Kononnya want to berbuka with the rest at 7.25pm. Jiwa satu Malaysia.

Bought ayam percik, nasi tomato, mee hun and sugar cane juice.

Ended up we ate at 7pm without waiting for berbuka.
So called One Malaysia.
Can't even wait for the extra 25 minutes.

Hungry faces

After dinner, Nicole and I chilled by the pool.
While having a chat, some random stranger approached us and trying to make a conversation with us.
It was quite awkward but I think he's just trying to be friendly.
Friendly at the wrong timing kot.
Worst part was that, he sat closed to us just to listen to our conversation.
Hopefully he doesn't read my blog.


Padini was having sales on the 4th to 6th of August - Storewide.
A friend of mine - Jesslyn told me that the amount of people last Sunday was crazy!
Thank God on the 6th of August was Monday. So I've decided to give a visit and grab something worth buying there.

There was no crowd at all. I had a smooth shopping :)
No need to queue for hours just to get into the fitting room and also there's no need to queue at the cashier.

Bought only a pair of formal slacks and a pair of flats.

RM 24.50 only after 50%
Good deal :)

Trying out the new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

It comes in 8 different shades.
The price is also very affordable.
RM25 each. Plus Watson is having a 10% now. So it cost roughly about RM22+ instead.
Unfortunately I didn't get any for myself yet.

Met up with others in Wok Sifu for dinner.
I really miss my student life.
Hanging out with friends all the time.

Did some grocery shopping after dinner.
Karen and I just walk around while the two mak cik - Nicole and Jr were busy discussing what food to buy.

LOL! Busy choosing vegetables

Wanted to buy Baskin Robbins to celebrate Datuk Lee Chong Wei's silver medal.
They are having promotion. 2 box for RM74 ONLY!!! 
Normal price was about RM87.

Ended up I never buy :(
And I am regretting it now!!

Haagen Dazs!

Java Chip Frap

PS: I would like to congratulate LCW and Pandelela for bringing medals back to Malaysia in London Olympics 2012. Both of you have made Malaysian proud :)

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