Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It was a very dreadful Sunday.
I was home alone until in the late afternoon
where my brother finally came back home.

I wanted to get fresh air so badly
and decided to ring up few friends for a lepaking session.
Unfortunately most of them were busy, lazy or broke.

Thank God Lucas was free.
So I dragged him, my brother and my cousin
for a movie and makan-makan.

Had our dinner in Sushi A.

Wore my Claw Bangle :D 

All of them have not watched The Expendables 2 yet.
So I accompanied them since I have already
watched it on the first day itself.
I don't mind spending extra RM11 just to watch
it again. Love how brutal they fought in the movie.

Had a box of popcorn but still felt hungry.
So I suggested them for second round makan :P

Visited Arisan.
My first time trying it out.

 Just like Snowflakes.
Yummy :)

I just don't understand why the waiter gave us
chili sauce and mayo.
Are we supposed to add those
into our dessert?
Blur waiter!

Lucas asked me to take his picture without
focusing his hair.
Rambut sexy tak boleh bagi orang tengok :P

Right beside Arisan, there's a bread shop
called Lievito which sells cute decorated buns.

 Chocolate Hazelnut Bun

So cute right?
Totoro is a name of an anime.

 Geram! So cute

Had maggie mee at night for supper.
Stomach problem.
Eat like pig!


The boyfie came back today!
I didn't expect him to be back this soon.
He told me he'll be back next week.

Looks like it was a surprised.
Late in the evening, I was busy watching my
drama and then I received a phone call
from him telling me to open the door
because there's a postman outside -___-

The dumb me fell for his trick.
So I ran to the living room and ordered my mum
to open the door and said that there's a postman.
hahahaha wtf!
My mum so cute! She went and open the door and said 'Where got postman lah' and she laughed.
Because she saw stupid Mark standing there.
When I saw his face, I ran straight into my room without a word.

After 2 minutes, I went out again.
I thought I was dreaming.
And there he was, standing with a plastic bag with chocolates.
Asking my mum whether she likes chocolate.
Nak bodek konon!

And you will pay for it for lying to me.

Received a Minnie key chain from Hong Kong Disney Land and
a magnet from Sipadan Mabul Island Sabah.

Thank you so much!!

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