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Places to eat in Tawau Sabah [Part 1]

Here are 17 places to eat and chill in Tawau. [Part 1]

1) 90's Bakery & Cafe

No.61-0, Kubota Sentral, Jalan Kubota Central
91000 Tawau

This place serves mainly desserts such as cakes, pastries and some light snacks.
However, there are a few options for heavy meal consisted of burgers and pasta.

Overall I love the environment because it is clean and with air conditioned.

2) Arteasan

12014 , Lorong BDC 1, 
Jalan Pusat Komersil BDC 1, 1 Arena
91000 Tawau

If you're looking for a heavy meal accompanied with bubble tea, then this is the place for you.
The place is open air which encourages smokers to smoke there. If you got no problem inhaling smoke, then this place is perfectly fine.

They also served light snacks such as fries, nuggets, onion rings and popcorn chicken.

3) Bing Cafe

No 19300, Lot 1, Block C, 
Pusat Komersil Bintang Kubota
91000 Tawau

This place serves heavy western meals and also some light snacks together with cakes if you feel like having dessert.

Make sure to try their Vanilla Milkshake if you happen to be there. The vanilla milkshake is quite good.

4) Cakes & Co.

TB19292, Ground Floor Block B,
Pusat Komersial Bintang Kubota,
KM5 Jalan Datuk Chung Thien Vun,
91000 Tawau

This cafe serves both desserts and heavy meals ranging from western and local dishes.
I kind of like this cafe because the environment looks pleasant. This is an air conditioned cafe which is suitable for people like me. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not those diva-ish yang tak boleh tahan panas kind of girl but when you use the word 'cafe' to operate your F&B business, it must have certain standards what. By having certain standards, that means to have aircond la kan. Hehehehe.

5) Chillax Cafe. Tattoo. Streetwear

No Lot A1 Pusat Commercial BDC (1 Arena),
Jalan Chong Tien Vhun,
91000 Tawau

As the name suggest, this cafe is a fusion of food, tattoo and clothing. The cafe not only provides you snacks and desserts but they also have an inking tattoo services and you can also shop some simple plain caption tees there.

This concept is quite similar to D'base cafe in Melaka.

They don't serve heavy meals here but you should try their waffles. The taste is quite decent.

6) The Container Cafe

Ground Floor (back portion) TB1982, Taman Emas
91000 Tawau

The container cafe also serves light food such as banana cakes and maybe waffles (depends on availability). This place is suitable for those who wanna get their caffeine dosage and have a short catch up with friends on latest hot gossips. Hahahaha!

That's because you won't have much to munch on, so you can focus membawang berjam-jam. Bila tekak dah kering membawang, minumlah kopi tu.... Pastu sambung lah episod kedua membawang ye.

7) Ding Tea

Pusat Komersil Bintang Kubota
91000 Tawau

This is one of my favorite bubble milk tea store in Tawau.
Yes, they only sell bubble milk tea.
Try the Hokkaido Milk Tea and the Brown Sugar Milk Tea. These two are my favorite!
I came here almost on a weekly basis just to get my milk tea dosage.

8) Dozo

TB 528,Ground Floor,
Jalan Haji Karim, 91000 Tawau Sabah

Dozo is a place where you can have noodles and milk tea together.
The food here is quite delicious too. I love their wan tan mee and their seafood mee soto. Slurrps!

9) Indo Cafe

Unijaya Commercial Centre,
KM 5 Jalan Sungai Tanjong,
91000 Tawau

This place is more like a normal kedai makan and does not look the slightest bit of a cafe.
There's no air conditioner here and the cleanliness was so-so. But if you were to stop by, make sure to try their Mango Sago, Durian Sago, and Avocado Sago. Really sedap gila. Oh and not to forget their pisang goreng cheese.

This place actually serves local dishes such as nasi goreng, ayam penyet and any other typical asian food that you can think of.

10) Olive Bistro

TB2540,Taman Tawau, Jalan Chong Thien Vun, 

91000 Tawau

Olive Bistro serves more western food and sort of like a fine dining place where they also serves wine here. 

The price is slightly a tad bit higher compared to Sage if I must say.

11) S&P

TB 16026 Block B Unijaya Commercial Centre, 
KM 5 Jalan Sg. Tajong

91000 Tawau

By far one of the best waffles place in town would be S&P for now.
This cafe only sell sandwiches, cakes and waffles.

12) Sage Cafe + Kitchen

Kubota Central,
91000 Tawau

Sage is more like a restaurant compared to a cafe.
I will always remember this place until the day I die because this is the first place Mark brought me for dinner when I first arrived Tawau.

According to him, this is one of the 'hipster' decent place to dine in with quite an affordable price.
I love this place a lot because the variety of food they offered is amazing.

You can have japanese, western and local food here. The place is pretty huge too. Suitable for those who wants to organize a birthday party, annual dinner or even reunion gathering.

13) Simple Sandwich & Cafe

4332 Block 32 Lot 12 Bawah Portion Complex Fajar

91000 Tawau

Simple cafe is a small sized cafe with limited tables available. If I'm not mistaken, perhaps there's only about 5-7 tables.

Do try their rose tea because it has this unique scent and taste. The reason why i had it was purely because of the color. It comes in a beautiful light baby pink color. Perfect for my instagram feed. Hahaha.

14) Taste Two Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is at Segalong's building, which is nearby to Giant.

The food here is very delicious. They have variety of options to choose from such as Japanese (yes they have sushi here), local, and western. They also have ABC!

Make sure to order their Borneo Iced Coffee. Two thumbs up!

15) Tealive

TB65-0 Lot M6, GF Kubota Sentral,

91000 Tawau

Tealive have decided to land in Tawau in June 2018 during Ramadhan.
More chilling places available in Tawau right after I set my foot here according to Mark.

16) Truffle Bar & Restaurant

Lot 81-0, Ground Floor, Kubota Sentral

91000 Tawau

This place serves more on western food such as steaks and pasta. The environment is nice but the price is slightly above average. 

17) ZenQ

Kubota Square 91000 Tawau

ZenQ specialized in shaved ice dessert topped with taro, yam, grass jelly and etc.
This is like KL version of Snowflakes. Just that the portion is not as great as Snowflakes but the taste is somewhat acceptable.


That's all for part 1 of Places to eat in Tawau in this blog post. 
Hope this post gives you some rough idea on where to hang out in Tawau since this place is pretty much underdeveloped for now. Hahahahahaha! Oooppsssss....

Click the link below for PART 2!!!

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