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Taiwan - Nantou (Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village)

Day 3 Part 3 - (19 May 2012)

Our third destination was the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village which was located in Yuchi, Nantou County which is also somewhere nearby around Sun Moon Lake (my previous post).

By the time we arrived, it was almost 1pm.

Here's the ticket pricing for the Theme Park.
Basically for adults, it cost NT$ 780 and NT$ 700 per person only if you come in a group of more than 20 people.

The second column, prices are applicable for students. NT$ 680 per student and NT$ 620 for students that come in a group of 20 people.

Third column is for school children while the fourth column is for the elderly, pregnant lady and kids.

The operation hours during the weekdays are from 9am to 5pm while during the weekends are from 9am to 5.30pm.

Since I went there in a group of more than 20 people, hence my ticket cost about RM70+ per person after conversion. The price is very affordable because that place is super freaking BIG!
Look at the site map below.

Damn big right? Told you!

It is divided into 5 different theme parks which are known as:
1) The European Gardens
2) The Aladdin Plaza
3) The Aboriginal Villages
4) Amusement Isle
5) Ti Ka Er Rainforest

Unfortunately, we only managed to cover parks number 2, 3 and 4.
I wanted to go the European Gardens so badly! The place was super awesome. Too bad we can't just walk around on our own without the tour guide :(

No freedom. Pffft!

The moment we arrived, we were being rushed by the guide to get to the Aboriginal Villages to watch their performances.

Can you see One Piece banner hanging all over the park?

Took the cable car in order to get to the Aboriginal Village.
If we were to walk there, I think it would take ages to get there! lol.

Cute pamphlets!

The view is just fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous)

Walking and more walking.

And finally we arrived!

What is Mark doing there in that costume? :P
(sakai detected!)

Their performances lasted about 30 to 45 minutes.

Then we took the cable car back to the second bottom part of the theme park (refer to the site map) which is the Aladdin Plaza.

Look at this! Awww *loves*

I was sad to know that, it was not the cherry season during my visit or else the whole place will be filled with pink trees everywhere. How romantic can that be. Sigh!

I wanted to ride this boat splashing thingy and the roller coaster.
but but but.....
It was raining and besides that, the boy does not want to accompany me.
He's a big sissy!

Then I forced Mark to ride this UFO Adventures with me.
You can find something similar in Genting Highlands which is known as Space Shot. Just that, this UFO Adventures are way taller than Space Shot.

Space Shot

Space Shot is only 185 feet while the UFO Adventure is 278.8 feet. Trust me, this UFO is way scarier lor!
The last time I rode Space Shot, my legs don't go flying around above my head level when we came down. Unlike this UFO, I was trying hard not to close my eyes and I was shocked to see both my legs being pushed high up in the air and it was almost above my head level. Can you imagine the speed of this thing to cause my legs flying up so high. DAFUQ!

So if you think Space Shot is scary. Think again once you try this out.
The feeling of satisfaction riding it was super awesome. The boy felt like killing me for forcing him to ride it.
I thought I almost died but I survived anyway.

 Mark's muka gan jeong (nervous face). BEFORE flying off!

 AFTER surviving from hell!

My legs were shivering. My heart beats super fast. But at the same time I felt so lively!

They have One Piece Hall if I'm not mistaken.
Bad luck for us, it was not open on that day.

Please ignore the lady on the right hand side. lol

 The Indoor Theme Park

Mark was unhappy because I wanted to sit another dizzy game.
LOL!! I enjoy seeing him suffer :)

This cute colorful air balloons ride seems to look safe and not exciting. But I was wrong.
Which made the boy felt like punching me on the face for asking him to ride along.
lalalalala~~  *whistles*

His mood turned out to be bad due to the rides.
Being the 'caring' girlfriend, I asked him nicely and softly whether he's okay or not. *pretended as if it was not my fault that caused him feeling that way*

How can he resist the cute me? lol.
I was forgiven immediately. After being forgiven, I wanted to drag him for another 'powerful' ride but he told me don't be gila T______T

Owh and he bought me an ice cream to 'pujuk' me back. But so-not-sincere! Asked me to buy the ice cream myself and give me money. WTF?
Where got people like that de!
Ended up he was the one who ate most of my ice cream.
Celaka punya jantan! hahahahaha...

 Lastly, there's a closing ceremony performances by the aborigines at the end of the day (5pm).

Photo taking session with some of them.

While waiting for the others to board the bus, I got bored and creative at the same time.
Such a lovely master piece taken.

Even worst! Horny guy :D

That's the end for our visit in Nantou.
Next, we departed to the following region - Chiayi.

Ate this super delicious snack while we had a 75 minutes drive from the Theme Park to the R&R of Taiwan in the Highway.

This Potato Chips Garlic Steak is A MUST BUY snack once you went to Taiwan's Seven Eleven.
It tasted like as if you were eating a god damn bloody steak!

For those who couldn't afford to taste or eat the real steak before, make sure you fly to Taiwan and get this snack because it cost only about NT$ 25..

It taste EXACTLY like a steak yo!

Roughly around 6.30pm, we arrived the highway's R&R for a pee break. hehe.
We were given 30 minutes to spend there.
To pee and to gain fat at the same time.

Special COFFEE SAUSAGES @ NT$ 35 per stick.
I bought one stick. Woooowwww~
Juicy and fattening and delicious. But I don't taste any coffee at all.
Too bad it was pork sausages. Non halal food.

Me and my little porky sausages.
The caption on the paper bag so cute.
'It's Delicious'
Luckily it is delicious. If not I will slap you for deceiving people with such plastic bag.

Our tour guide introduce us this Red Bean Toufu @ NT$ 70
Ermmm I don't really like it.
So bloody expensive as well.
The taste was pretty weird to me. Overall I just don't like this.

Next, he also introduced this popular CUKENG COFFEE. He said we must try it.
The moment I stepped in front of the counter, I almost puked blood lor when I see the price for this tiny cup of coffee.
NT$ 130 for it. Yorr I can get one Caramel Frappucino already.
Plus the coffee taste just like a normal coffee. Nothing so special about it.
So make sure you guys don't order that next time.

Bought a packet of hard boiled quail eggs from 7/11 @ NT$ 100.
Quite expensive but it taste just like those herbal hard boiled eggs. Yum!

After another one hour journey (continued right after the R&R) we finally arrived in Chiayi.
Had our dinner in this chinese duck delicacy restaurant.

The place was full house! 

Our dinner for the day. Yummy!

By the way, still remember about the China man that I said in my previous post?
So here's a story to strengthen my statement previously.

We were having our nice dinner in this restaurant which was filled with China tourists.
While we were eating happily, suddenly *jeng jeng jeng*
There was this man sitting right next to our table, coughing and then spit his dirty and yet gross green phlegm right beside his seat straight on the restaurant's floor.
WTF? Holy shit!
You think this is toilet ah?
Yorrr so bloody geli to the max. People are eating right beside you okay. Please respect us and don't be so disgusting can?

By the way, this thing happen very often in China (sources that I received from most of the people that I know who been to China before).

I am so not going to visit China. Unless somebody is willing to sponsor me. haha.
Then I shall sacrifice my strong principle for the sake of getting a free vacation.

Our hotel for Day 3 was Maison De Chine Hotel.

3 beds? Why is there an extra bed in the middle.
It's kind of spooky you know. I was having a hard time sleeping that night.
I'm afraid that I might see something else sleeping beside me. hahaha.

Seriously? By far this hotel is the worst one ever for the entire trip.
That's because I was having nightmare due to the stupid extra bed.
Plus I kept hearing knocks on the door that night T______T
And I was too afraid to call Mark. Who knows something else answered me. So I decided to close my eyes tightly and tried so hard to sleep.

Anyway there's nothing wrong with the hotel la. It's all just my imagination. LOL!
Thanks to the bloody bed! Make me 'gan jeong' for no reason.

The greedy us went to 7/11 to buy more snacks.
Throughout the 8 days trip, I gained 1kg.
Everyday eat nonsense stuffs.

This Asahi drink makes me wanna vomit.
I was so pissed with Mark because he always introduced me to buy something which ended up taste like shit! Then I'm the one who have to pay for it. Celaka or not you tell me?
Every single time when I wanted to take something else, he'll go like this 'Eh why don't you try this instead' *pointing at some useless piece of shit stuff*
And the stupid me, blindly follow his recommendation.
I hate you hantu!
Since that day, I never listen to his suggestion again. NEVER! Neh-he-hei Babuji.
Oh wait! No I did listened to his suggestion again which I ended up regretting. FML!
Wait for the other post about it.

Sigh. While blogging about this, it really makes me angry again.

 Almond Snickers!

Here's the price list for the Hotel.
Our room was Superior Twin. Somehow I have no idea why there's an extra bed there. Normally you will be charged for the extra bed.

Breakfast buffet in their Hotel cost about RM25 - 27 per person.
I personally thinks that the breakfast buffet sucks big time!

By far, that was the worst night for me.


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