Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flowers and Polka Dots

A few weeks back, Sher Lyn came up with an impromptu idea which was to have a beginner's photoshoot.

Instead of rotting at home, I was thinking why not right?

So we called our free volunteer photographer *ehem* Mr Andrew.

Taking photos are not as simple as you think.
I salute those couples who have to smile until mulut cramp just for their perfect wedding photos.

Smiling is one thing, posing is another thing. And ANGLE must be taken into consideration too!

Most of our pictures turned out to be MEHHH!!!

Two things to be blame.

Either the photographer's problem or the model's face problem.

In our case, it must be the face problem.

So here is to the few pictures that can make it into my little blogsphere.
The rest are totally a goner.

 Fuuhhh! Such a healthy tan skin we got here XD

We should do this more often to brush up our noob-ness.

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