Friday, July 25, 2014

Alto Sky Lounge

This is my second time at Alto Sky Lounge.

I do love the environment setting and also the night view.
It's a really good place to chill if your budget is above the average.

This place is suitable for a dinner date or to even propose your girlfriend.

The drinks are more expensive than the food.

Irish Coffee - RM 28

This is a very unique coffee.
It contains alcohol.
I took a sip and the alcohol level was quite high O___O
It smells very normal, just like an ordinary coffee, but the taste was super KICK!
Not up to my liking, but for those who loves coffee and also alcohol, well I guess this would be the best combination ever!

Marinara Pizza - RM 18

Cordon Bleu - RM32

I regretted calling this Cordon Bleu.
It wasn't dinner time for me, instead I had such heavy meal for supper.
After ordering then only regret T_______T
Mana tak gemuk?
Plus the Cordon Bleu is such a disappointment.

Acqua Panna - RM19

So we ordered a bottle of mineral water without looking at the menu.
When they gave us Acqua Panna, we were like "shittt this thing is going to cost quite a bit".

So the four of us were like "This water would cost at least 10 bucks. Wouldn't go more than RM15 ba"

Sekali bill datang. NAHHHH!!!! AMBIK KAU!
After including 16% tax, the Mineral Water cost RM22.

The only thing I can do was only to laugh.
While somebody else was crying over the price.

OMG Holy Water!

Le girls.

Le guys


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