Sunday, August 29, 2010


:D mwiss mweee??

I've been abandoning my blog for a week now.
There's plenty too blog about, just that I'm too lazy.

Merdeka Day is just around the corner. So most of our classes will be replaced. The only class left was Land and Company.

Oh my! I bet there's SALE every freaking malls and I want to shop so damn bad :(

I've been slacking in Nicole's place lately.

Okay that's a high waist skirt. You can get them if you want to from her blog shop by clicking on the picture above.

 I love this high waist pants. It makes me look so much slimmer and taller as well :D

This is a floral jumpsuit and I think it's pretty cute no?

There's more. So just visit fourleafcloset if you are interested to purchase any of the items above.
(I'm doing a free advertisement here) You owe me okay Nicole :P  
All these are ready stock clothes and for those who are interested in getting a pre-order clothes, do visit this link below


Friday was a great day. Had class from 10am to 12pm. Then headed to Walk in Taipei cafe with Nicole for brunch or whatever it is. I don't feel like eating so just had a drink there. After that we headed to Maybank coz she wants to bank in money. On our way to my car, we bumped into my girlfriend, Jason. (lol)

So he joined us to the bank and then we went for a pool in Ixora. Gosh that place is spooky I tell you. It feels like you will get raped any moment. Thank God my gf was there so that he can do the bodyguard protecting thingy. After pool we headed to new Jusco and I started feeling hungry. So we went to I LOVE YOO and I had my favorite porridge with yu tiao :) *yummeh*

There's sale everywhere and I was so depressed because I left RM60 in my purse only :(
EMO shit.

Shop there until 4.30pm and the only stuff I managed to purchase was a concealer because that's the only thing i could afford at that point of time :(
I'm depressed AGAIN!

Left Nicole in Jusco together with Alvin and I headed to Dataran to meet with my slave.
Went to catch STEP UP 3 and it was super awesome man.

Our movie was at 5.30pm and the cinema was quite empty. Maybe due to puasa kot. hahaha
But there's one malay chick shouted damn loud in the cinema when she saw LUKE. OMG. hahahahaha

She shouted like this " I LOVE YOU LUKE"

At first I thought it was somebody in the movie who shouted that. Who knows it was not. lol

Right after movie which was at 7.20pm. We headed to Pak Putra. Met with Fikry, Amirul, Nicole, Alvin and 2 of Nicole's hometown friends. Went there to celebrate her belated birthday. hahaha
The mamak there damn full house okay. Super lots of foreigners eating there too. Gosh!

My cheese naan and butter chicken and fresh orange. Cost RM14 T__________T

haha this was candid. I was trying to stop mark from talking crap. Actually he loves getting beaten from me :)
Without it he couldn't live. hahahahahahhahahaha hor? *shy*

Can't believe that I spend RM60 that day just like that. So now I'm broke and how the hell to shop for Merdeka Sales la? EMO to the max :(

I shall just rot at home and die.


g_pentium said...

hahaha...u knaw amirul too,tat guy a friggin celeb
i meet him in mmu business meeting and i met him yet again in ukm in a law meeting thingy.

ruby said...

haha yes of course i know amirul. he's my course mate. LOL

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