Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's all about food, entertainment and food and then food again and lastly class and more entertainment. HAH!

Where should I start off eh? Okay let's start off with last Friday
Last Friday wanted to stay at home the whole day due to broke-ness (which is a faking to be broke) (is a norm for me to be broke always by the way *winks*)
Plan to study for the upcoming paper which is on Tuesday (today) because I won't be having any time to do revision on Saturday and Sunday itself as I would be working for the PC FAIR in MITC. haha yeah I thought I didn't get a job but somehow I managed to get one at the eleventh hour.

So being a good girl like I always do :P
I planned to just rot at home playing maple after revision. See damn good right? hahahahaha

I baru je tengah set my plan in my brains then about 30 seconds later, the SI HANTU sms-ed me asking me out for movie since he was bored as hell.

Rejected his request and felt very proud, wtf!

However went for dinner instead. WTF!!!!!
Tak ada daya penahanan langsung. What to do? Who asked him to seduce me. hahahahahahahaha joking.

So about 7pm we went to Havana for dinner bebeh :D

After that we headed to Jonker for a walk and also second round drink o.O

I repented and we never ordered beer but instead something else. hahaha


After we were done in Geographer we headed to Old Town right after -____________-
Seriously can die. Crazy fatty eat so much and drink so much. Blame the si hantu!!!

Right after that the stupid fella said wanna go Pak Putra pula. I totally surrender and drive back home before he dragged me into his crazy world.

Saturday and Sunday is all about work.
Hmmm there's quite few good looking hunks which I spotted on the last day of work *winks*
haha people ask you to work, not stare at guys o.O

Human nature. what to do.
At least I just scan through for like 2 seconds only. Unlike guys -_____- when they said scan, they really mean scan everything one lor -_________________- from head to toe, boobs to ass. wtf!

Let's put that issue aside for now.

My dinner. Yummmehhh :D

Me selling GPS :D


Monday morning, I'm having difficulties of waking up due to the over-used energy. My whole legs felt very heavy and I can't walk properly too :(
Good news was that there's no 10am class so I managed to sleep longer.

Class ended at 8pm that day. Gosh!!

After that went to Sushi King together with Mark for dinner since I'm temporarily rich. hahaha what the fuck!


Had my exam this morning at 8.45am and I think I can answer it but not perfectly but at least half perfect o.O

By far this is the most relaxing paper ever! About an hour kao tim reading plus memorizing cases already. haahahahahahahahahahaha. Because it only covers one super duper tiny portion of the whole syllabus.
However I doubt that we will get good marks. For sure the marks will be super duper tiny as well just like the amount of pages that we have to read from the text book. 7 pages only. Can you imagine reading 7 pages? It was too good to be true. Felt so weird lor. Normally you need to read more than 40 pages and memorizing at least 30 cases. Oh well we'll just wait and see for the outcome.

After class went to Shima for lunch. My very first time eating in SHIMA!!!! According to my friends the food there was super cheap. Went there with Mark, Danny and Stanley. Took some vegetables, some squids, one egg and 1 fried chicken and it cost RM5. hahaha okay it's cheap. I guess? hmmmm.... But according to Mark it's kinda expensive. T_______________________T the kakak hates me. Baru pergi sekali dah kena charge mahal. Memang sial lah macam tu. wuwu

I wanna blame Zakwan cause he damn love to eat in shima. 24/7 shima, sleep also dream about shima -___-
lol.... kan zakwan? hahahaha

However I'm very grateful coz Stanely being so gentleman today (god knows what ghost possessed him) and he treated me for lunch :D awwwwwww so sweet. hahahaha

About 1pm we headed to CLC to witness the MMU Arm Wrestling Competition.
Stanley, Danny, Mark and I went there to support David since he's joining the competition.
Due to certain unforseen circumstances, they lacked several contestants. Therefore Amirul was forced to join the match by the spectators. hahaha

Group A (70kg and below) contestants


hahahaha look at Stanley's face. Damn funny like shit.

 LOL stupid Stanley giving David an arm massage before the match. hahahaha 

Our semi finalist contestant

Amirul met with David at the quarter final and sad to say Amirul lost. hahaha dun be sad okay my kambing biri-biri. I've expected you to lose towards David even before the match started already. hahahahaha I should have bet some money with Stanley, Danny and Mark. Ishhh!!! Waste this golden opportunity liao T___T

Overall I had a very great day for this past few days :)

Next plan is to watch movie and SEOUL GARDEN!!!!!! Who wanna go seoul garden tommorow right after class???

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