Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Went to catch The Sorcerer's Apprentice yesterday. The movie was quite good. Just that I hate the Hero o.O
The same guy who acted in She's Out Of My League. ugh!! He looks soft and so un-manly wtf and also a geek.
Can't they choose some other better looking, hawt. cute guys to take his role? Then there will be more reasons for girls to watch :D

Right after movie, went for dinner and then some shopping.

After shopping for clothes (of course not me shop la... it's the sissy who shops -___-) we rot in some random bubble milk tea stall. hehe.

 I had Mocha Ice Blended with pearl. Yummyz.

Believe it or not, we sat there for more than an hour talking about hmmm stuffs :P
Then Nicole called and she asked where the hell am I. hahaha.
Ended up we went for pool since we didn't get to play pool the other day.

Purple Chicks :D

Then we got bored so we took some ass shots :D


The bulat-ness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg okay i should stop.

All right. I should start doing my assignment now.

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